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Main Information

Wales is a country of the United Kingdom. The capital is Cardiff which is also the largest cyty. The official languages are Welsh and English. It's area amounts to 20 779 square kilometre and it's population is 2 903 085.


Wales is the smallest country of Great Britain, It is located western from England ans is bordered to the Irish sea in the North and in the south to the Bristol Channel. The Coast is coined by cliff lines and beaches and the inland by the Cambrian Mountains.


The language Welsh is importantfor the people there because it is a boundary to the English administration above all in the West. There are some areas where English is learnt as a second language. English is spoken by almost all people in southern ans eastern Wales.


The largest religion in Wales is Christianity. 71% of the population is describing themselves as Christian. Non- Christian religions are small in Wales making up 1,5% of the population.
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