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Vancouver - Referat

I would like to tell you something about Vancouver. Vancouver is the 3rd largest city in Canada. The area is 114, 67 square kilometres. It is in the south west of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. The city is only 45 kilometres from the USA. About 2, 25 million inhabitants live there. There are many immigrants for example Indians, Greeks or Chinese in Vancouver.

Forests, lakes and mountains dominate the cityscape. The mountains are part of the North Shore Mountains. There are 3 local mountains. “Grouse Mountain” it is 1. 231 metres high, Mount Seymour with 1. 449 metres and Mount Strachan with 1. 454 metres.

In Vancouver there are many sights. The Vancouver Art Gallery, the biggest Art show from west Canada, with more than 8.000 Art works. Moreover the Vancouver museum, which is the biggest museum of total Canada. There is also an observatory located. The Stanley Park is a great hideaway for nature and the beach.

There you can go walking, cycling, inline skating, picnic, observe wilderness, jogging and so on. The sky train is a cheap option to drive from suburbs into the city centre. In the midtown there are many shopping malls for tourists on the Robson Street. Recently the Vancouver Sightseeing bus with Hop-on-hop-off system.

The History began 4.500 to 9.000 years ago. At this time the natives dominated the landscape. 1791 a Spanish captain sailed to Vancouver and he was the first European in the former “first narrows”. 1792 was Captain Georg Vancouver in first narrows and gave this place his name. 1860 the first railroad drove across the country. The population grew rapidly from 5.000 inhabitants in 1887 to 15.000 in 1892 and 100.000 in 1900 and in 2007 were the exact population 611.800. The first television broadcast was in 1953. 1971 Greenpeace, one of the most important environmental protection organizations was established in Vancouver. Vancouver is after Los Angeles and New York the
most important location of the North American film industry. Therefore it is also known as “Hollywood North”. 1998 decided the Olympic Committee of Canada, for promote for the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. On July, second 2003 Vancouver got the consent.

The Games were held on February 12th to 28th at different locations in Vancouver. There were a total of 82 countries against each other. 15 different sports were held. For Example figure skating, ice hockey or freestyle skiing. The most successful participant was the Norwegian cross-country, the German was 4th best.

In the same year Vancouver hosted the Paralympics. The Paralympics are for people with Physical Disabilities. These were held from March 12th to 21th. It was attended by 44 countries. The best athlete was a German biathlete. Her Name is Verena Bentlee. Thank you very much for our attention. Are there any questions?

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