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The USA has 270 million inhabitants and 9,5 million square kilometers.
The capital of USA is Washington DC. There is the seat of government in the white House.
The USA has 50 states, each of them is a star in the American flag.
The distance between north and south is 2.500km and between east and west 4500.
The USA is surrounded by Canada in the north, by the Atlantic in the East, from Mexico in the south and by the Pacific in the west.
It takes about a week to drive from the east coast to west cost by car.

The weather is sometimes very extreme forest fives tornadoes.
The hottest place is California because can reach 50°C
There are also very impressive moutons Rocky Mountain the lakes in the Middle of USA

The USA has also famous buildings and sights for example the:
The Empire state building in New York is the highest building of skyline.
-Broadway this is world –Wide known, impotent theatre I most famous symbol for

the sights
The Statue of Liberty is the most famus symbol for freedom .
There are also a lot of national park, for example
Central Park and Battery Park

A national music is the Rap.
The national sports activity are for example
-American football

The country music has it origin in the USA and is very popular also present

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