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Tupac Shakur - Referat

Music is my life and I'm a real hip hop junkie! So I admire Tupac, one of the greatest hip hoppers of the last years. Come on, here is my information!
Tupac Shakur was a hip hop artist who built his whole life around his lyrics which often had to do with violence. Unfortunately, he himself became a victim of just this violence when he was only 25 years old. Very tragic.
So, what do we know about him? Born in 1971, his name was Lesane Crooks. Later he called himself Tupac Amaru Shakur. He grew up in the streets of New York and California and got involved in street gangs and selling drugs. By the way, his own mother was addicted to crack and cocaine. By and by, he learned the skills of rapping. But he also experienced living in the ghetto with all its evils and violence driving him deeper and deeper into the streets. Another problem the boy had to face was the fact that he grew up without a father, so he had no male role model. This was always a problem for him and he mentioned it often in his raps.
A bit later, he recorded his first song with the rap group Digital Underground and this was the start of his great career. His first album "2Pacalypsenow" contained three successful singles called "Trapped", "Brenda's got a Baby" and "If my homies call". The dark images in his songs and the emotional lyrics differed him from the rest of the hip hop scene.
However, he showed that he wasn't much better than anyone else around him. In November 1994, during a session in the studio, he was shot five times and his whole jewelry was stolen. Tupac, who was badly hurt, was shown on TV while being loaded into the ambulance and giving the middle finger. This made him a hero. After this day, his legend was born in every ghetto across the United States.
His second album was more shocking than the first one, because it was extremely militant and violent. It was called "Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z" and the two big hits were "I get around" and "Keep ya head up". By this time, the violent lyrics of his songs began to be discussed in the USA and Vice President Dan Qualey said: "There is no room for this type of thing in our society." Tupac just answered "I was raised in this society, you can't expect me to be the perfect person cause I must do
what I want to do."
But of course, you must know, he was no criminal underdog but a superstar who earned millions of dollars. His last album was sold more than 10 million times and made him the first really great hip hopper worldwide.
So his next album called "Me against the world" was his best selling album to date bringing 2 times platinum for him. Maybe this was the case because he first showed his soft side in songs like "Dear Mama" and "Can you get away". Perhaps the greatest song of his time was "So many tears".
Then his life changed and fate turned against him. His last album was "All Eyez On Me" and was sold in 7 million copies until today. This album was recorded after he had been in prison for 11 months. And then, finally, on September 13, 1996 Tupac was shot down in Las Vegas after he had visited a Mike Tyson fight. He was immediately taken to hospital where he lay in coma for six days before he died at the age of only 25.
Until today, the public doesn't know who the murderer was or if Tupac really died in hospital. There are lots of rumors around his death and many speculations about the killers. However, there are no real proofs and that's why many people think that he still is alive somewhere secretly.

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