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Tunisia - Referat


I'm going to present to you 6 points:
-some general information about Tunisia
-swimming beaches on the continent
-swimming beaches on the isle of Djerba
-the holy town Kairouan
-the behaviour on the move in Tunisia

Ok, I begin with the general information:
Tunisia lies in North Africa and is an islamic country. The founder of the Republic Tunisia was Habib Bourguiba. He died on april the 6th in the year 2000.
Tunisia is only as half as big as Germany. Its president is Ben Ali and the capital is Tunis. The country has a population of 9.7million people and a coast of 1300km.
The currency is Tunisian Dinar(TD), which is subdivided into 1000 Millimes. The import and export of it is forbidden.
The inhabitants are very hospitable and friendly people.

Now I come to the celebrations:
Sunday is the official day of rest and Friday is the day of the prayer.
Special days: march the 20th=Independence Day
march the 21th=Day of the Youth
mai the 1st=Day of the work
july the 25th=Day of the Republic
august the 13th=Day of the woman
Ramadan is a special month when you're restricted in eating food and it always ends 30 days after the beginning with the offering celebration "Aid es-Seghir".

Swimming beaches on the continent:
Here you can spend your holiday...
-Gabes (it is also known as "gate to the Sahara"

Swimming beaches on the isle of Djerba:
Djerba is the most important island in Tunisia.
-Houmt Souk (it is the capital of Djerba)
-Sidi Mahrez

The next point is about the holy town Kairouan:
Kairouan has a population of 120000 people, is the most religious focus and the holiest town in North Africa. It lies in the steppe landscape in central Tunisia and is the crossing point of some important traffic ways.
Kairouan is the most important market-place.

The last point is about the behaviour on the move in Tunisia:
-Woman should cut out to wear scanty and transparent clothes.
-Topless dress on the beach or on the hotel pool is forbidden.
-The left hand is seen as impure, you should eat with the right hand and you should also give money or presents with the right hand to others.
-You shouldn't show with the forefinger at somebody because it could be understood as a bad magic.

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