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Tulln - 2.Version - Referat

Best of Tulln

Tulln is a very beautiful city because it offers a lot of shops and a lot of activities which you can do in your free time. It is also known for its flowers and its good location on the Danube. You can visit a museum or you can go to the cinema if you like watching a film. Tulln also has a lot of cafés and restaurants where you can have a meal or relax with your friends. In summer you can go water-skiing on the Danube or you can go to the Aubad, where you can swim, play volleyball or basketball or lie in the sun. In winter you can go ice-skating either in the Aubad or on the ice-skating-rink. Tulln is a nice city and there is a lot to see and discover! Once a year there is a very big firework and a small amusement park. It also has several museums where you can see different exhibitions! Tulln is also known for its roundabouts because there are a lot of them and each is a highlight because of its decoration! There is also a stage on the Danube where a lot of concerts take place in summer. Tulln also offers a lot of sights for example the “Salzturm”, “Pestsäule”, “Stadtmauer”, “Minoritenkloster” and so on!

So come to Tulln and have fun!

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