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Tropical cyclones - Referat

Tropical cyclones: areas of intensive low pressure; hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, willy-willies;

tend to develop: over warm tropical oceans-27; late summer-early autumn, trade wind belt-5-20 n&s; appear to originate when a strong vertical movement of air draws with it water vapour from the ocean below. As the air rises, in a spiral movement, it cools and condenses-enormous amounts of heat energy; average lifespan is 7-14 days;

effects: high winds: 160-250km/hr; uproot trees, disrupt telephone power lines.

Storm surges: up to 5m;

Flooding: rivers swollen by the torrential rain; risk of cholera; Landslides: heavy rainfalls washes away buildings;
five-point-Saffir-Simpson scale-based on the potential damage of a predicted hurricane; minimal, moderate, extensive, extreme, catastrophic; named alphabetically; keep radio-TV on; gas tank filled; supply of drinking water-foods, flashlight, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tape up all windows, get away from low areas; stay indoors, use phone for emergencies only;

acid rain: emissions: SO2-sulphur dioxide, Nox-nitrogen oxides; imissions: sulphuric acid, nitric acid; Ozone: CFC-cloro fluoro carbons-main destruction substances; solar radiation splits chlorine from CFCs; Cl reacts with O3; H splits one O atom from O3: ClO and O2; ClO is not permanent; cycle starts from the beginning;

ozone hole: more than 50% is lost.
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