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Trash Andy Mulligan - Referat

Reading Log Young Adult Readers

Title Trash
Author: Andy MULLIGAN
Publisher: EMBER
Page prepared to read out: 155

The setting of the book: What type of story is it? Where/When does it take place?
It is an adventure story of 3 young rubbish-boys in Behala. It takes place nowadays in Behala which is in Manela. The story is told from different characters in different chapters.

Describe the main characters.
Raphael FERNÁNDEZ: He is a14 year old dumpsite boy. He is picking up trash since the age of 3. He is the narrator of the first 4 chapters of the story. His father died and he lived with his aunt.
Gardo: is his partner and best friend and has the same age
Jun-Jun: He is an 11-year-old orphan and they call him Rat, because he lived with them and looks like one.
Father Juilliard: He ran the Aquila Mission School on the Behala dumpsite for 7 years. He is 63 years old and has been retired, partly because of this story.
Mr. José Angelico: He was the adopted son of Mr. Dante Jerome. The three boys find his bag and wallet in the trash, he had one daughter Pia Dante. He was the houseboy of senator Zapanta. He was killed by the police after steeling millions from his boss.
Mr. Gabriel Olondriz: He is a very old man, almost dying. His son adopted Mr. Angelico. He stays in prison since 23 years because he found out about how Mr. Zapanta misapplied millions of aid-money from the U.N.
Miss Olivia Weston: a house mother in the Mission school of Behala

Give a brief story summary.
Raphael and Gardo are trash-boys and one day they find a small leather bag with a wallet in the garbage, in it eleven hundred pesos, an ID-card of José Angelico and inside a folded map, a key and two little photos of a girl. Raphael told his aunt, that he had found a wallet with money and this very evening the police came searching for this black bag. Although his aunt told the police that he had found something, Raphael did not confess. Later on the two boys decided to hide their discovery at Rat´s place. Rat told them that the key is a locker key for the left luggage in Central Station. This is where they went the next day and found a package and inside there was a letter addressed to a prisoner named Gabriel Olondriz and along with the letter a series of numbers.
Now Father Juilliard starts to tell his part of the story. One day he got a visit from the three boys. They used his computer to make some research about Mr. Angelico and Mr. Olondriz who was serving his 23rd year in prison. They found out that Mr. Angelico was suspected for a robbery of six million dollars and was killed by the police. He had been an orphan and had been adapted to the son of Mr. Olondriz - the man in prison.
Later on the police came back to Raphael´s place and he got arrested. By hitting him finally he told the police that he found 1100 pesos but Raphael did not confess more and they let him go home after one night. After that happened the three boys knew that they could not stay any longer in Behala.
The next day the 3 boys went to see Miss Olivia Weston a house mother in the Mission school. They convinced her to see Gardo´s grandfather in prison, which was a lie. They saw Mr. Olondriz, who brought corruption charges against Senator Zapanta 35 years ago. He was the vice-president and he had spirited away 30 million $ of international aid money. Mr. Olondriz was able to prove that the money was stolen from Senator Zapanta. But this case never came to court, he got countersued and he went to prison. They burned down his house, his
driver and his maid were killed and every scrap of evidence went up in smoke, and his lawyers had been bought. Gardo told Mr. Olondriz about the letter he found and that his adopted grandson had been killed from the police and that his god-daughter Pia is missing. Gardo told him the letter and the numbers by heart and Mr. Olondriz told him, that was a code they whole family used and that he would find it in his bible. The visit was interrupted by a guard and after that Mr. Olondriz died. They guard who interrupted the visit kept the bible.
Rat and Raphael decided to go to Senator Zapanta´s house and they ran into Zapanta´s gardener. He told the 2 boys that there is always police, and he guessed that they ask the same thing over and over again: “How did you let your houseboy walk out of the door with 6 million $?” The gardener said:” He did it with a fridge”. A new big fridge was bought and Mr. Angelico went away with the old fridge.
When the 3 boys came back to Behala the police made a river of blue lights and they just grabbed their money and flew. Gardo found the guard of the prison who had the bible and he wanted to sell this book for 20.000 pesos. There was bound to be a reward offered for any of them. Rat went back to the Mission School and stole the money there and then there was the dangerous handover. Gardo almost got trapped. The guard wanted to get hold of him, but Gardo ran away. It took them the whole night to crack the code. The next morning the police found them but with Rat´s help and his great knowledge of the area they escaped again.
The 3 boys got to the graveyard and in the middle of the night they finally found the family´s grave and also the new grave of Pia Dante. They met Pia who was waiting for her father at that place for about one week. Rat brought Pia in a room to sleep, then they opened her grave and finally found 6 million $. Together with Pia they brought a part of the money to the mission school and with the other part they went up on the highest place of Behala and made the Typhoon Teresa. They kept half a million for themselves, bought boats for fishing and live in paradise on the seaside ever since.

Describe your favourite part and discuss why you would/would not use this particular book in class. My favourite part is when the boys finally find the money in a grave, they meet Pia and decide what to do with the money. I would maybe use this book for talented English-speaking pupils, because the vocabulary is not so easy to read and for most of 14-year-old-kids it would be too hard and too long to read.

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