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Too violent to watch - Referat

inToo violent to watch interview by Michael Medved:


• argues that the movie-going-public doesn’t like violence
• his book got Hollywood thinking but only for a week or two
• he didnīt get his messages across
• many people agreed with him

He says:

• there is an obvious connection between violence on the screen and violence on the street
• Hollywood keeps telling FOUR big lies to explain away this obvious connection
 reason: it would be bad for business

FIRST LIE: violent movies are just harmless entertainment and there is no evidence at all that they influence the public you have seen a violent movie and you donīt go around killing people

the fact that a piece of violent entertainment doesnīt influence everbody , doesnīt mean that it doesnīt influence anybody.

• in 1995 thugs set fire to a manīs clothes on the NY subway system. The man died from his injuries two weeks later

Exactly the same scene could be watched by movie goers four day before the incident in a violent film called MONEY-TRAIN.

• A young couple shot two people because the thought the idea of shooting them was cool.

They had seen NATURAL BORN KILLERS several times and thought it was a great movie.

o they are not the only copycat killers out there he is amazed at all the double talk there is

example: A representative of a film studio told him that a film like LETHAL WEAPOND III saved thousands of lives because you see the main actors fastening their seat belts for three long seconds.

THIS influences people- and all the mindless violence doesnīt????

A thirty-second commercial influences people but two hours of killing doesnīt????

SECOND LIE: Movie suggest that the sort of violence we seen in ROBOCOP or NATURAL BORN KILLERS is all around us- and that simply isnīt true Paule Verhoven, the director of ROBOCOP said that he just reflects the world as it is.

experiment: The he asks who has recently witnessed a murder on TV- everyone in the hall puts their hand up.

This demonstration shows that life isnīt some rough part of LA all
the time or that serial killers are criss- crossing the country.

reality isnīt as violent as movies would have us believe

THIRD LIE: The movie industry gives the public what they want

example: take the movie hits APOLLO 13, TOY STORY, CASPER& POCAHONTAS- none of them could be discribed as very violent, or LION KING it made three times more money than PULP FICTION

Medved canīt understand why Hollywood and the media tent to focus on and praise the violent stuff and not the family entertainment.

FOURTH LIE: the movie industry says you donīt have to watch if you donīt like (donīt go or turn it off)

example: he talked to a group of children between the ages ten an twelve. To his surprise the film that really interested them was FALLING DOWN. Michael Douglas runs amok and pulls out a gun in a burger place to get a decent breakfas.

that was an R-rated film ( for adultsd only) and he found out that none of the kids had actually seen it but they knew all about it from the media

That means you canīt really turn off the cultural pollution around you.

What does he suggest?

Hollywood should be made responsible for cultural pollution like any other industry.
He thinks that the viewers should become more critical because he repeated consumption of
mindless violence will do somrething to your body.

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