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Tomorrow´s tourism - Referat

Tomorrow’s tourism

Britain’s tourism industry is increasing. In Britain1.75 million people work for the tourism indutr.y
· 1 out of 6 jobs is in tourism
· 1997 The T.I. is worth £53 billion a year ( in 2002 it has grown to £73.7)
· In 1997 25.5 million oversea tourists came to Britain
· Britain’s t.i. is excepted to attract 27.5 million visitors in 2000
These figures reflect the growth of t.i. world wide . Tourism is now
one of the biggest industries world wide. International tourism income is:
· £ 130 per year in Europe.
· £ 270 per year world wide.

World wide tourism has grown 12% in the last 10 years.
The competition between the countries is increasing. British tourism income is the 4th biggest in Europe and the 5th biggest in the world. British government has set a new target to increase the t.i. rate. They identified the responsibilities of all parts and suggested to raise the standards. The Millenium year and the events raised new chances. Activities happened throughout the countries. The celebrations were seen as a good springboard for t.i. into the new Millenium. They held a Tourism Forum for all Great Britain regions.
The questions have to make clear:

· The responsibility of the government to support the development
· High quality service is needed.
· Wise and sustainable growth is needed.
· A monitoring process to control the strategy.
· The action plan has 15 points and to sum up it I picked out the most important points:

Ž A plan to save the countryside, the heritage and the culture.
Ž Tourism for everybody.
Ž More money for oversea marketing.
Ž More internet services and online booking.
Ž Job promotion for tourism.
Ž A new reliable Hotel category system.
Ž 4.5 million £ for marketing (only London).
Ž More central government support for each region.

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