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Titanic - Referat

I´d like to tell you something about the Titanic.
The Titanic was one of the biggest passagier ship, it could take 2.200 people and had a lonitude (that means Länge) of 269 meters. The captain was Edward John Smith, he and the most other people meant, that the Titanic couldn´t sink.
So, the end of building on the Titanic was on the 2. april 1912.
On the april the Titanic started the travel from to. But on the 15.04. the Titanic crashed into an big iceberg. The ship had very big holesand so the water ran into it. The architect said, that the Titanic will sink. So the captain tried to find anouther ship, that could help to save all the passengers from bord, cause there weren´t enough life-boats. Then came a message from the ship Carphatia, but the way to the Titanic took 4 hours! But the Carphatia started the way to hte Titanic.
On the Titanic everyone looked for a place in a life-boat and the water ran on and on into the ship, it broke in the middle and sank on the ground of the sea. And with it a lot of people, even the captain, he didn´t want to leave the ship.
All the people, who could save from bord ahd to wait 2 hours for the Carphatia. The most of them freezed in the cold water. Just 750 people survived this.
Today the Titanic is well-known (that means bekannt) for the films. For example: 1997with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, which took 11 Oskars.

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