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Noticable is the reducing of the living and movementspace.
Laychicken for example have available the space of a Din A4 paper. Ití really tight.
They arenít able to turn around.
What is more is the stand to attention for the minimum of work expenditure.
Laychicken stand on wire screens just as pigs and cattle,
As a result this leads to illnesses for example feet wounds,
Skeleton- deformations, organ-illnesses and much more.
Moreover the animals are maladjusted.
A laychicken isnít able to walk around, flapping with the wings, and scrape with its feet.
As a result of all these bad things: the animals bite eachother or hurt themselves.
To avoid the horn of calves is cutted away or the bills of chicken are shortened.
To satisfy the movement urge of a cat you should offer her to go outside or a climbing tree. To drown a cat is forbidden. There are much more examples but I named you only a few.

when someone has got an animal
1. he has to feed him, take care and give it the need square.
2. he mustnít cut down the animalís possibility to the movement it needs
3. he has to have the knowledge for give the animal everything it needs

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