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Thomas Alva Edison - Referat

Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan (Ohio) at 11th February, 1847.
For a short time he went to a school in Port Huron (Michigan).
In his free time he dealed with printers and mechanical gadgets.
He saved the life of a child of a railway official. The reward was that he could study telegraphy.
In his time as a telegraph he made his first important patent: A telegraphicle transmitter, which could send messages automatically over a second cable.
Later, when he had a job by Gold and Stock Telegraph Company he advanced the devices and the service of the company was better.
With the selling of telegraphs Thomas A. Edison earned 40000 $. In 1876 he built a laboratory in Menlo Park (New Jersey) with this money.
He advanced the telegraphicle transmitter, so he could transmit messages faster and over a higher distance.
His patent, the Coal grain microphone was important for the patent of the phone which was invated by Alexander Graham Bell a short time before.
His trails to advanced the Coal grain microphone, brought him to the Gramophone.
Two years later he and Thomas Swan advanced, independently from each other, the light bulb. This electrical light had been invated by the German watchmaker Heinrich Goebel in1854; it was a carbon-fibre-bulb.
In 1882 he invated the first electric power station in New York. It was the first one which runs with direct current.
1887 he moved from Menlo Park to West Orange (New Jersey), where he built a big laboratory.
In 1888 he invated the „Kinotoskop“, a gadget which recorded pictures and sounds. It was the first camera with sound recording.
Later Edison invated the “Edison-Sampler” a NI Battery (Nickel-Iron) which has a high voltage per unit of weight.
In 1913 he recorded the first film with sound.
At the breakout of the First World War he launched a company which had established benzene-, phenol- and aniline fusions.
1915 he became the president of the Navy Consulting Board.
Later he advanced his gadgets.
1878 Edison became the Chevalier of Légion d’honneur of France.
1928 he became the Congression Gold Medal for patents which changed the world.
He has patented over 1000 patents.
18th October 1931 Thomas Alva Edison died in West Orange at the age of 84 years.

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