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The island of the blue dolphins - Referat

Chapter 1-3

Before you read

1 Read the Introduction to the story.

a What is the real name of the Island of the Blue Dolphins?
San Nicolas
b Where is the island?
not in California
c When did people first live on this island?
4,000 years ago
d Who lived there between 1835 and 1853?
The Lost Woman (Karana)

2 Find these words in your dictionary. They are all in the story.

bead cliff dolphin hunt otter paddle ravine shell
Perle Klippe Delfin jagen Otter paddeln Schlucht Muschel
spear sting wave whale
Speer Schnur Welle Wal

a Which words are names of animals?
dolphin, otter, shell and whale
b Which two words are things you find at or near the sea?
bead and shell
c Which two words are places?
cliff and ravine
d Which word is something you can:

(i) wear?
(ii) use to kill?
(iii) tie around a package?
(iv) use to move a boat?
(v) Which word means to run after animals to catch or kill them?

3 Kelp is a large brown plant that grows in the sea. Name something
else that grows in the sea.
corals and eelgrass
After you read

4 Choose correct answer.

a Is ‘the red whale’:
• an animal?
• a shell?
 a ship?

b Which of these people is Russian?
 Orlov
• Chowing
• Kimki
c What are the Aleuts looking for on thehe island?
• beads
• fish
 otter

d Who kills Karana’s father?
 Orlov
 the Aleuts
• his own people

e Who comes in the ship with the white sails?
• hunters
• Kimki
 white men

f How is Ramo killed?
 by animals
• by the sea
• by hunters

5 How does:

a Orlov break his agreement with Chowing?
Because Orlov won’t give Chowing more chests of beads.
b Karana returns to the island?
Because she won’t let her brother alone on the island.
c six-year-old Ramo becomes Chief of Ghalas-at?
Because he was the own man on the island.

6 Tell the story of the fist three chapters.

Karana lived on a island with her brother Ramo, her father and her sister, Ulape.
Her father is the chief of the village Galas-at. Her mother died some years ago. One day the girl and her brother saw a ship with red sails. On the ship there were Aleuts and a Russian. The visitors talk to Karana’s father and got permission to hunt otters, but they made an agreement. The agreement was that the islanders will get the half of the otters. When the Aleuts wanted to leave they broke the agreement and kill Karana’s father and many other men. Later they got a new chief, and he sailed away to search a better home for the villagers. They forgot Ramo on the island and so the girl jumped into the sea and swam to her helpless brother. In the night bad dogs took Ramo away and killed him. So Karana lives alone on the island and thought: “I’ll kill all the stupid murder dogs!!!”

7 Karana makes promise to herself: ‘One day I will kill
/> those dogs … I will kill all the dogs on the island.’

a Why does she ant t o kill them?
Because the dogs killed Ramo, her brother.
b Karana is alone now. Suggest how she can kill them.
She can kill them with a spear or bow and arrow.

Chapter 4-6

Before you read

8 Karana is alone on the island. Give your opinions.

a Where will she live?
She will live in a cave or in the village.
b What will she eat?
She will eat fish and fruits.
c How will she protect herself?
She will protect her with traps for the wild animals.
d Who will she talk to?
She will talk with the animals on the island.
e Will she try to leave?
Yes, she will try to leave the island.

9 Find these words in your dictionary. Use them to complete the sentences below.

arrow bow cave feather fox sea elephant
Pfeile Bogen Höhle Feder Fuchs Seekuh/elefant

a A hunter uses a ¹ bow__ and ² arrow__ to kill animals.
b A ¹ sea elephant__ lives in the sea but a ² fox__ lives on the land.
c I saw a bird’s ¹ feather__ near the entrance to the ² cave__.

After you read

10 Find the answer to the questions in Activity 8.

a Where will she live?
She lives in her new House near Karana’s cave.
b What will she eat?
She eats shellfish.
c How will she protect herself?
She builds a fence around her new home
d Who will she talk to?
She will talk with the animals on the island.
e Will she try to leave?
Yes, she tries to leave the island, but its fail.

11 What does Karana use these things for?

a feather
for the arrows
b stones
for the moth of the hole, for the arrows and for de fire
c wood
to build her new house
d kelp
to tied the bones of the whales together (fence)
e teeth
to make a better spear

12 Work in pairs. Imagine that you are in Karana’s situation. Discuss
the skill that you each have. Will you be able to build a house,
feed yourself and protect yourself? What problems will you have?
Which of you will be more successful?

In my opinion I’m not able to alive, if I’m in Karana’s situation. I really think that I’m able to build a house, but I’m also afraid of the dogs if I’m her. I’ll protect myself with traps and also with a fence. The problems will be that I’m a lazy person and I’ll forget to search food! I’m happy that I don’t live alone on an island.

Chapters 7-9

Before you read

13 Look at the titles to the next three chapters. Guess the answers to the questions
New Friend

a Who or what are Karana’s new friends?
The Return of the Aleuts
The Aleuts or the animals
b What is the reason for their return?
to kill the other islanders
c How will Karana protect herself from them?
in the new house or in the boat
d Who or what is Tutok?
a dog (?)

After you read

14 A devilfish is a sea animal with eight long arms. Name some other
unusual sea animals and fish that you know.
jellyfish, sea star, coral, clownfish, …

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