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The diary - Referat

The Diary

It’s from Paul Stewart. Another book from him is: Forrest Gump, summer of my German Soldier and Sherlock Homes.
John Beaching is an unhappy man. He hasn’t got a girlfriend. He hasn’t got a job. He is afraid to lose his flat.
It is a cold but sunny day. John is walking through the park. Suddenly he hears a noise. He stops and looks around the park. It’s an ambulance. Something is happening by the water. John runs fast as he can. Perhaps he can help. But there is nothing he can do. A child is drowning in the water because it can’t swim. A women help the child to coming out. Then the woman can’t out because she is frostbitten. The ambulance men take her out of the water. The woman is dead. He turns and walks away. The next minute he kicks something with his shoe. He looks down and sees a book. It’s old and very beautiful. On the front side is a big word “Diary”. He looks into it. “This is the diary of Daisy Miles”. Suddenly he hears a sudden sound. Somebody is shouting. “You, you, be careful, very careful” john looks up. It’s a woman. “Yes you there! You!!!” she says and their eyes meet. The woman is not dead. But what does her wa1nt? As John watches, her mouth moves again. It’s difficult for her to talk. There is something she wants to say but what? “Be careful very careful!” she says again. “What of” john says. But the woman does not answer. She can’t. Suddenly she falls back. The ambulance men look at her. One put his ear to her mouth. “She is dead” the man says. There is nothing anybody can do. The ambulance drives off, and everybody walks sadly away. John leaves to. At he was at home, he opens again the diary. He turns the radio on and hears from the woman at the water. The woman was Daisy Miles. Suddenly he takes the diary and opens it. “This is the diary of Daisy Miles”, he reads. That’s the diary of the dead woman. This night he can’t sleep. The next day first
he looks in the diary “No, no that can’t be!” he shouted. “This is the diary of John Beaching”, he reads. He looks inside.
Sunday p.m.-16.November
Vegetable soup, bread and butter and tea for lunch.
That’s right he says, but how did the diary that know? Anybody wrote a message. Everyday the diary will know what happen. Everyday John gets happier. After some weeks john has a girlfriend, a job and a new house. Now John is a very lucky man. One day he reads the lotto numbers. He runs to the next Kiosk. Johns girlfriend, Diana comes home. She sees the open book on the desk. She reads and get happy then she looks at the next page. She reads:
Friday p.m. john had an accident. John Beaching is dead. Good Bye John Beaching! Diana drives to the kiosk fast as she can. Suddenly John runs into her car. “No, oh no” she cried. John is lying under the car. He is dead. This was the story of John Beaching.

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