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The diary of a young girl - Referat

Anne Frank

Today I’m going to tell you something about that book, which is called
“The diary of a young girl” written by Anne Frank. This book is a simplified book and the “Penguin Group” published it in 1998.

At first I will tell you a little bit about the author and then I will tell you the plot of the book.

The author of the book is Anne Frank herself. She had written her diary without to know, that it would ever be published.
The main characters were Anne Frank, who was born on 12th June 1929 in Frankfurt. Her civil-name is Anneliese Marie Frank. She had a sister called Margot, a Mother and a Father and they were all Jews. The story generally takes place in Netherlands, in the hiding-place at the firm in 1940 to 1944.

And now to the book. Every entry of her began with “Dear Kitty”, Kitty was the name of her best friend, the diary. The Frank family lived in Germany until Adolf Hitler had taken over Germany. Adolf Hitler was a politician and he hated the Jews, he thought that Jews were guilty for the problems in Germany. To protect themselves, they went to Netherlands, because they thought he wouldn’t want to take over Netherlands so they went there in 1933 and tried to built themselves a new life.
In 1940 Jews were taken into ghettos and concentration camps in Germany and in the same year Hitler also took over Netherlands and there suddenly were the same Jews laws as in Germany. The Frank family and other Jews had to wear a yellow “Jews star”, for Anne it was like to be a target for others.
In Netherlands at first they lived in a normal house, like in Germany before that all happened. But then when things got worse Otto Frank, Anne’s Father started to built a secret hiding place in a backhouse of his firm.
When the German armies arrived Netherlands the Frank family and another family started to packed the suitcases. They had to do it very secretly, because the other neighbours shouldn’t noticed something strange. Of course Mr Frank had helpers, they were Miep Gies, Johannes Kleimann, Victor Kugler and Bep. They all worked in the same firm with Otto Frank. When Otto Frank had to hide in his hiding place, his helpers always brought food to them. At day, when they had to work, they had to do so as everything was normal and ok, so that nobody could thought that they had to hide something. A week after the Franks had came to live in the hiding place, the family van Pels came and they had a fifteen old son. At first Anne didn’t like him very much but then she fell in love with him. But it was difficult a everybody to live so, especially for Anne, she needed her freedom and she didn’t really like Peter’s parents, because they always say that Anne was lazy, stupid, naughty and stubborn. Anne also quarrelled very often with her sister and mother, her father was the only one person, who she really loved. In November 1942 a dentist Fritz Pfeffer moved in and Margot had to sleep with her parents in a room, while Fritz Pfeffer slept with Anne in the same room. Fritz Pfeffer told them how terrible it was outside, Anne had to think about her friends who were all taken to concentration camps and she had feelings of guilty. The whole days Anne just read, learn and hear radio. Every Saturday Miep Gies brought them books to read.
With the time things like clothes, shoes, and food like vegetables got expensive and many people break into other houses. One night some burglars broke into the firm, thanks god that they hadn't found the hiding place. Every evening Peter van Pels had to look if everything was closed, especially the windows and doors.
February 1943 Wilhelm van Maaren started to work as a store worker and nobody had told him something about the hiding place but he asked very often about it. In the mean time Anne learnt a lot about herself and the society. She also talked very often with Peter about it. But with the time Anne always retired. She couldn't really talk with her father about her problems and Peter wasn't the person as she wished he was.
On the 1st August 1944 Anne wrote her last entre. Three days later policemen came and arrested them all, even Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleimann . Somebody had betray them.
A LKW brought them to Westerbork. Anne was happy to be there, because there she could speak with other people. For others it was unbelievable that she was happy to be there, because it wasn’t good there. Some months later a train brought the eight people from the hiding place and others to another concentration camp in east Europe. They were driving three days to the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen. Anne and Margot died in March 1945 of an illness and the others died of hunger and exhaustion. Otto Frank was the only one of the eight person from hiding place, who survived. When he heard that his wife and children were dead, he was very unhappy und desperate. He went to Miep Gies and Bep, who were very happy to see him and they told him that they thought it was Wilhelm van Maaren, who told the police that there were Jews hiding in the firm. Miep Gies who had kept Anne’s diary , gave it to Otto Frank and he needed more than a week to begin to read it. When he read her diary, he remembered the bad old times and at the same time he was surprised and affected that he had lost a daughter, who he didn’t really know. He just know the superficial side of her.

In her diary she often asked herself, why are people so cruel to them Jews, when will we all live like friends and not just like Germans or English or just Jews, and why do we have wars. She also wrote that she would published her diary after the war, so that everybody can read how cruel the Nazis were.
At least Anne Frank’s biggest dream became true, she became a very famous book author even then when she is dead.
At first he didn’t want to published her diary, because it was something special for himself and it was also the only thing from his daughter that remembered him about her, excepting the photos. But then some friends from him argued him to published it, after all the people should know how difficult it was to live without freedom and how it was be badly treated just because she was a Jew and he also filled her wish.

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