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The Mississippi River - Referat

The Chippewas-Indian called him the big river. In other Regions he was called the river of the rivers or the father every stretch of water, too. The Mississippi deserves this great name really then is is 4096 km long. USA and Canada unite build a bit shipping net from more then 24 000 km length, per second a water of 20 000 m move on. He is the longest river north America and the third longest of the world.

The Mississippi arises from Minnesota and flow on at the border from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

The Mississippi arises from the western to of the sea out them Itaska-Sea, he flow at St. Louis with Missouri an Illinois together. The underflow is very wide and gad many tributaries, the important of him are the Ohio, the White River, the Arkansas and the Red river.

He disembogues at New Orleans in federal State Louisiana in the gulf of Mexico. The Delta of the river branch was builded from the Mississippi and ended in the gulf of Mexico. The tributaries grow every year 200 m into the gulf of Mexico because he transport yearly 500 million tonnes of sand, stones and other materials into the sea.

The Mississippi arises from the flowing out the Itasca-Sea in Minnesota.
By what Mississippi sudden his look changed the Missouri hat already 4 000 km behind him, and the mob of dust hat aggregated. Nor the Mississippi discoloured himself. 100 till 800 millions tones best farmland become per year into the sea carried. The basin of Mississippi spread between the Apalachen in the east and the Rocky mountains in the west. But the water drest the Ohio the greatest tributary the Tennessee arises in the Apalachen.

The tributaries of the Mississippi out mixed responsibility geography breadths comes, lead they not contern poraneous flood. It comes often to floods. The Federal Government in Dikes dames and canal invest because round debades prevent too.

The watercontinent of an half continent moves on in the big Mississippi and his tributary, the Red River, too.

In this region the many many little stroms was called "Bayous".

In the neighbour states are Bayous too but the home of the Bayous landscape is Louisiana. In the delta-region from Louisiana becomes the Mississippi Sweetwater swamp and wind and open saldwaterredes.

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