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The James Joyce Murder - Referat

The James Joyce Murder

About the author:
Amanda Cross was born in East Orange in 1926 and died in 2003 because of suicide. Amanda was a pseudonymous writer. Her real name is Caroyln Heilbrun. She wrote thirteen books with her main character Kate Fansler. Carolyn was a feminist like her main character.

About James Joyce:
James Joyce was born in 1882 in Dublin and died in 1941. He is a famous author. In Ireland there is the Bloomsday, because of him. His most famous „book“ is „Dubliners“. It’s about the city Dublin and the society of Dublin in the beginning of the 20th centuary.

The James Joyce Murder:
Kate Fansler is a professor of literature. The Publisher of James Joyce died and his niece told Kate, that she wants her to sort everything in the house. So Kate wants to live in this house for some time.
Her brother fly to Europe and so Kate have to look out for Leo,the son of her brother. Kate hires a „babysitter“. His name is William and he also likes literature. There is also Emmet, the student,who helps Kate to sort the letters,scrips and all that and then there is Reed, a friend of Kate,who visits her(but he loves her)He is a lawyer. There is also Mary Bradford, the neighbour of Kate. She goes everybody on their nervs. Every morning, when Mary Bradford go to milk her cows, Leo(he is a small boy) and William shot with a unloaded weapon on her. But one day there is a bullet in the weapon and so Mary Bradford got killed by William. But who did the bullet into the weapon. William said,that he wasn’t and everybody believes him. The Police come and everybody in the house is a prime suspect. Also Kate. So the suspects are Kate,Leo, William, Emmet and Lina(loves William) and also the husband of Mary Bradford.
So another lawyer come and talk with everybody. Meanwhile Emmet finds out, that at least on letter is missing
of James Joyce. At first Kate Fansler doesn’t believe in that, but then she believes Emmet.
One day Kate visits a girl in the neighborhood and she finds out, that the husband of Mary has an affair with her, so Kate believes that he killed his wife.
In the evening Kate, Reed, Emmet, William, Leo and Lina go to the drive-in cinema. Emmet go out of the car to pee and returns shouting, that the barn of the Bradford burns. William shouted, that they have to drive, because the hay doesn’t have to catch fire. Then everything went quickly on. The Police arrived and took William with. Reed found out that William was the murderer. William found some letters and a script by James Joyce and he wanted that these are his, but Mary Bradford saw it,so he killed her and hide the letters in the hay in the barn.

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