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The Industrial Revolution and the Moving West - Referat

The Industrial Revolution
My topic today is the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a changing industry which replaced much of human work by machines because it is cheaper and the production went faster. It changed the completely life of the population. Children and women worked, too, because they were cheaper. The Industrial Revolution had important postive and negative aspect. I want to begin with the positive changes. First of all there was a new infrastructure. There were new ways of transporting people by trains because the first pessenger railway was built. Another very importatnt point were the new and faster production methods because of new machines, like the very important invention oft he stream engine and the spinning jenny or the power loom. Additionally there were new and more jobs because oft he new machines. This jobs often were in factories or mines. That supplied to a great need of workers. This were the very important point which was the reason that Britain turned into the most powerfull trading nation.
But like i said on the beginning there were serious negative aspects, too. I thing the most powerfull aspect ist hat the human living and working conditions was very bad. It was dirty, damp, noisy and unhealthy at the factories and in the most big cities, too. So most died before they were 25. But this was not enough the work was badly paid, so the gap between the rich and the poor became bigger. There was child labour in mines and textile factories. Additionally there came new deseases, like cancer. Furthermore there was a big distruction oft he factories by the chimneys oft he factories.

So all in all I think the Industrial revolution was very bad, but there was postitive aspects, too. But I think the negative aspects were very awful for the poor population.

The Moving West
Today my topic is the moving west. The Moving West was the time when many people moved to the west because of their dreams of a better life and their other motives. First of all I want to start with why so many pioneers moved to the west. They had a lots of dreams and motives. Fist of all the dream of
a better life and unemployment. In the west were many jobs. Additionally in the west is a cheaoer life and it is a new starting over. They searched for wealth and religious freedom. Moreover they went there because of the gold rush and the opportunity to buy land. Furthermore they wanted to get away from the overcrowded cities. But there were problems, too. One problem was leaving the family and the homes because not everybody could move to the west. Addiotonally on the way you could get attacked by Indians, die from hunger cold or lose your orientation. There was also sometimes a trouble to find land. Furthermore maybe you could not find a job that is paid enough. Lots of people also moved with the Oregon trail. The Oregon Trail is 2000 miles long and it is an hitorical est-west large wheeled wagon route. The Oregon Trail is a kind of emigrant trail that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon.

So all in all I think the moving west was a very important historical event and it has effects until today.

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