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The Hogan`s - Referat

The Hogans are the family of Terrence Hogen. Terrence Hogen, called Terry Hogan is well-known as the important wrestler HULK HOGAN. Terry is muscular, blond and speaks with a dark voice. His wife Linda Hogan is a little bit chubby, has got blond long hair and a big breast. Her conviction is, that the faith in God helps with a diet. Terry and Linda have got a daugther named Broke and a son named Nick. Broke is thin, blond and an attractive girl. She has a really nice voice and wants to become a singer.
Nick is different, he has short blond hair and isn`t really attractive in my opinion.
He has small vocational goals, but he accompanied his father to a show and learned a little bit how to fight. „Don`t tell Linda that you have been here! You know we`ll be dead if she knew it!“ said Terry.
„Yes, Dad! But can you show me some more tricks?“ asked Nick
„Yeah, but don`t tell Linda anythink, you know she is worried of you and hates this job. I can understand her, she loves us and I left this job too late. My bones are destroyed.“ Said Terry
So Nick is interrested in the job of his father and Terry would be very proud if he became his vocational successor. Terry is a very careful father. Nick has to protect his sister. He is like a bodyguard in small form. The family lives from vegetable and a little bit meat. They pay attention to their figure. The Hogans are a very friendly family and they all stick together.

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