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The Green Park - Referat

The Green Park

Iím talking about THE GREEN PARK!
But first Iím going to tell you the words you donít now!

- One century is 100 years
- Burial ground is a place where you come when you are dead
- Hunter hunt deer
- A Rebellion is a like a army but they fight against the army

So now too The Green Park!

It is situated in Central London as one of the Royal parks.

You find the Hyde Park in the west and the St James Park in the east.

In the north the park is limited by the street Piccadilly,
in the south by the street Constitution Hill
(With Buckingham Palace on the opposite side)
and in the east by the Queenís Walk.

The Green Park covers 16 hectares. (160.000 square metres)
The difference to the other parks is that you donít find any buildings, statues or lakes.
There are just trees and areas of grass, no flowers. Therefore the name The Green Park.
It is interesting for jogging, sunbathing and having picnics.

Now to the history!

In early times the area of todayís park was a burial ground.
The Green Park was first recorded in 1554 as a place where a rebellion took place.
It was also used as a duelling site.
But in the 17th century king Charles II put out deer to use the park for hunting.
At that time it was called Upper St James Park.
The name The Green Park came up around 1746. The park was opened to the public in 1826.
Once you found lodges, a library, a pool and two temples (Temple of Peace, Temple of Concord) in the park. Over the centuries all these buildings were destroyed - for example by fireworks.

So today The Green Park is a real green park with just trees and grass.

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