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The Empire State Building - 2.Version - Referat

The Empire State Building is a skyscraper in Manhatten. It has opened at May first 1931. It was builded in a record time of only 18 month. The architekt was William F. Lamb. And the owner is Tony Malkin. The building is assigned to the Art decô. It consists maynly of steel construction. It was the highest building from the world until 1972. Today it is the 22 highest building world wide, but the second highest from New York. It is on the south side of Manhattan and is sourroundet from the ‚Hudson River‘ and the ‚East River‘. It has 102 floors and two viewing platforms. When the weather is fine than can you see 100 kilometres. The platforms are in the 86 floor and the 102 floor. The name came from the Empire State. It ist the nickname from New York. The plattform ist the most visited Place from New York.

The Building is 443,2 meter high and cost 40,9 Millionen US-Dollar. When it was builded they installed 60.000 tons of Steel. There are 73 speed Elevator, 3 are for Tourists. They drive up to the 86th floor. From the 86th floor to the 102th floor you must go 1800 steps.You can’t live inside it’s only an office building.

At midnight it is colourful lit. Normaly it lights white. On Christmas it lights red-green. On ‚Sankt-Partics-Day‘ green and Helloween orange. By special days are the colours diffrent, for example when windows 95‘ was importet, the colours are red, yellow, blue and green.

The opener was US-Präsident ‚Herbert Hoover‘ and the gouverneuer ‚Al Smith‘. The event was transferred on the radio. The tape at the entrance was cut by smiths grandchildren. All rooms were brightly lit on the first night. To 1959, only the lower offices were used.

On the top of the building, many movies was filmed, the world’s most succsessful film KingKong, the amazing spiderman or extreme weight loss.

Today the highest building of the world are the ‚Bury Khalifa‘ in the vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten with 830 metres.It is almost twice as high als the Empire State Building.

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