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Susan Eloise Hinton - Referat

Susan Eloise Hinton

The novel we are reading at the moment, The Outsiders, was written by Susan Eloise Hinton, an American author who was born on July 22, 1948, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She sold more than eight million copies of it. It is one of the most successful novels of all times. It is a so-called young-adult novel. This means it is written for teenagers who can identify with the main characters (Hauptfiguren) of this novel who are teenagers as well. Susan E. Hinton herself was still a teenager when she wrote it. In total she wrote five young-adult novels.

Hinton enjoyed reading but was not satisfied with the literature that was written for teenagers. She was only sixteen years old when she published The Outsiders in 1967 and became famous as the “Voice of the Youth”. She knew what she was talking about. The kids at her school were divided into two groups, Socs and Greasers. She experienced a lot of violence between these two groups. Her best friend was beaten up brutally by school mates (Mitschüler).

Hinton started writing as a child. Her early works dealt with horses and cowboys. As a kid she secretly wished to be a boy. She had a difficult childhood as both of her parents died early. Writing novels helped her dealing with these tragic experiences. The Outsiders was not her only success. Her novel Rumble Fish became also very popular. Like The Outsiders, it deals with juvenile delinquency (Jugendkriminalität), teenage rebellion and high school subcultures in the 1960s. Both novels were adapted as movies. The most famous adaption (Verfilmung) is the adaption of The Outsiders from 1983, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This movie established the actors Tom Cruise and Matt Dillon as film stars.

After finishing school she went to the University of Tulsa where she earned a Bachelor degree (Hochschulabschluss). Hinton received a lot of awards for her novels. Later she started to write for children in kindergarten age. Today, she is 59 years old and has a son and a husband. She is still writing books. On her homepage she says: “A writer\'s life is not very exciting - usually you\'re alone in a room with your tools - paper, pen, imagination.”

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