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Summary of Matilda - Referat


Matilda was not stupid, she was very clever. By the age of three she could read newspapers and at for years old she could read fast and well. Her parents were very stupid and not good parents. Her mother, Mrs Wormwood wanted to have a beautiful and famous daughter and Mr Wormwood was a crook, he bought old cars and put sawdust in the gear box. Then he sold the cars to high price, but they could only drive for one or two days. Matilda’s brother, Michael wasn’t very nice, but he went to school.

On day Matilda’s father met the head teacher of the school, Miss Trunchbull. She was an evil person and bought a car. Then Matilda went to school. Her class teacher, Miss Honey was very nice. Miss Honey found out that Matilda was too clever and should go in a higher class. Then she went to Miss Trunchbull, but she said that Matilda is stupid and didn’t listen to Miss Honey.

Later Matilda found out, that she could move things with her eyes. She could move everything she wanted. A few days later Miss Honey invited Matilda to her little house near the wood and told her that she knew about her magic power. Then she also told her that Miss Trunchbull was her aunt and her parents were dead. Miss Trunchbull got the whole big house and Miss Honey had to live in this very little house.

At school Miss Trunchbull taught the children and she was very evil to the children. Matilda was very angry and moved the chalk and wrote that on the blackboard, “Here is Magnus, give my Jenny her house back!” Then Miss Trunchbull fainted on the floor. Miss Honey was very happy and went back to her big house and her aunt went away and didn’t come back.

Matilda’s parents wanted to leave and go to Spain, but Matilda didn’t want. Then she asked her parents and Miss Honey that she wanted to live with her teacher. Later her parents went away and Matilda lived with her teacher and was happy every after.

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