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Summary - Finding Nemo - Referat

Summary - Finding Nemo

The Disney-film „Finding Nemo“ is about a little fish named Nemo. He is taken away from his father Marlin who gets involved in dangerous and exiting things to find his son again.
Because Nemo has a broken fin Marlin isn’t pleased that his only son swims with his class to the precipice. Marlin wants to fetch him back but Nemo swims to a boat to show that he’s a good swimmer. While doing this a diver named Paul Sherman catches him and takes him away to his dental practice in Sydney. Marlin wants to save him and soon meets Dorie, whose memory isn’t the best. But they’re lucky to find the diver’s diving goggles on which his address is written. After fighting with sharks and swimming through thousands of jellyfish they meet tortoises, a whale and a pelican that helps them to get to the dentist. It looks as if they’re too late because Nemo seems to be dead. But this is only a trick to save him from Sherman’s niece. With the help of the other fish who live with him in the doctor’s aquarium he manages it to get into the washbasin and swim through the sewage system into the sea. There he finds his father and Dorie again. Although they and many other fish are finally caught in a fishing net they can free themselves and are able to get home to their anemone.
Although I actually don´ t like Disney-films I enjoyed watching “Finding Nemo” because of the funny characters und the exciting story.

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