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Studying in Austria - Referat

First steps:

§ Courses:If you look for courses in Vienna contact your techers, students who already been to Austria, organizations concerned with student exchange programmes. Contact the WIFI, BFI, FH Vienna and the other universities in Vienna.


§ Try to find leaflets at the university or look for a host family. You can also work as an “Au pair” in Austria.That would be a good way to study in Austria and eran some money for freetime activities.

Maybe you would like to live together with other students and share a flat. Look for leaflets in your school and inform yourself about the risks.

It would be good that you get in touch with your host family or with the other students who wan’t to share a flat with you.

Here are some links:
· www.aupairinaustria.at
· www.afs.at
· www.fh-vie.ac.at

What about the money?:

It’s easy to open a students conto. In every bigger bank you have the possibility to open one. The big advantage of a students conto with a card is that it’s free of charges and you don’t need cash. Cash could be stolen or you could lost it.


In Austria we have a continental climate it means that we have cold winters and hot summers.
If you come to Austria it would be godd to have clothes for all kinds of wheater with you.

The public transport system:
In Vienna you can go everywhere by subway, bus and tram. A car in Vienna would be dispensable.
Maybe a bike in the summer would be fine.

!Enjoy! Vienna!:
You shouldn’t miss the change to see all this marvelous sights of Vienna.
The nightlife in Vienna is phantastic.
You have to eat the “Sacher Torte” and drink a “Melange”.

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