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Stress means Dead ( Shortstory ) - Referat

Stress means Dead

In the early morning, anywhere in the metropolitan area of Seattle, James Patagueul a young man lies insensible on the ground next to a road, his head and clothes are bloody of his cuts and injuries at his body. The air is full of black smoke because of his burning car. James lies in front of the car but next to a tree. Far away you can hear the siren of an ambulance.

50 minutes before the crash James lay in his bed.

I turned around and looked at my clock. Shit, it was already 5 o’clock in the morning and I had to hurry. Then I stood efficiently up and ran to my cupboard, took fast my clothes on and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Normally I get up at 4:15 am but today I had oversleep. Therefore the breakfast had to fall out this morning. After I have brushed my teeth I took my coat and my briefcase and walked fast to my car. But there was the next problem. I live in the 6th floor of a tower block and the lift was still out of order and this made me really mad. So I had to go to my car via stair case. When I left the building I recognized the fresh air which blew into my face and that was very comfortable because I was pretty weak and my heart beat quickly due to the strain of running down the stairs. Actually I needed a little break but there was no time for a break so I went on to my car which stood on the other side of the street. I started the engine and drove to the next dual carriageway.

Of course !!! The next traffic light was red. I thought that everything were against me. When I stood at the traffic light I looked at my watch, ohh my goodness, it was already 5:30 am and I have to be at my workstation at 6 o’clock and there were
still 20 miles to drive.

Last time when I had come late, my boss told me, if I came the next time late I am going to be fired. So I was concerned about my job and particularly I was scared how will my boss react to me this time. In case I lose my job, I could not pay my flat from this it follows that I would be homeless.
At last I arrived at Road 42 which head to Seattle-Douglas.
At Road 42 the speed limit was 55 mp/h but James drove very fast and rudly since he was lost in thought. He could just think about his boss and the time he will come to late so he forgot the traffic and his own security. He even forgot to put on the seatbelt when he entered the car.
Suddenly in a pointed bend, James lost controle over his car and crashed non-braked against a tree.
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