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Story - Referat


Today it is the 11/11.
I went over the West Street to the World Trade Center where I have to work.
Today it was a clear day and I thought that it will be a great day.
While I was thinking about the weather and this things I arrived at the World Trade Center 1.
I went in and took the lift up to my office in the 99th floor.
It was 8:00am, I was exceptionally on time.I started with my work at 8:15.
Today the work was very boring and I hoped that something interesting would happen.
I watched on my clock. It was 8:45.
Suddenly I heard a Airplane but I thought that some tourists would fly to New York.
The noise of the Airplane became louder and now I was interested to look out of the window.
I saw a big plane which was only a few hundred meters away and flew straight in my direction.
I became very scared and ran out of my office on the floor.
Then I started to scream that all should rescue theirselfs but while I screamed, there was a extremely loud explosion because the plane crashed in the WTC.
The ground of the floor shaked, I heard lots of people screaming, someone ran against me and I fell on the floor.
In this moment a part of metal flew past my head and hit the guy who ran against me.
I new that he was immediately dead, and I couldn't help him.
Now there was only one thing in my mind: Run!
But where I could escape? Many of the floors under me where collapsed.
Then I thought that I have nothing to loose and I decided to run as fast as I can to the stairs in the south, where it wasn't so crowded like at the other stairs.
While I was running I saw a men who jumped out of a broken window next to me.
Suddenly the Tower shaked again and behind me some parts of the floors above
me collapsed and leaved impacts behind me.
A part of cement hit my left arm, it hurt terrible and my left side was full of blood.
Now I reached the 95 floor, infront of me there was a big abyss. Maybe their were 7 meters between me and the stairs under me.
I had no chance to take another way, so I jumped. I hit the 93 floor so hard, that I couldn't breath for a few seconds. Then I slided over some stairs, stood up again and tried to run further. I reached the 92 floor and saw that the stairs from the 92 floor were intact, so I thought that I was rather save.The last thing which I remember is, that in the 23 floor, there was a firefighter who carried me out of the World Trade Center.I woke up in the hospital with lots of violations. On TV I saw the WTC collapsing.Now I am sitting in a cafe and write down the story.

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