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Stormbreaker - Referat

Reading Log Young Adult Readers

Title: Alex Rider - Stormbreaker
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)/Puffin books
Page prepared to read out: 81

The setting of the book: What type of story is it? Where/When does it take place?
It is a sort of thriller about spies and terrorism. It takes place nowadays in the U.K.

Describe the main characters.
Alex Rider: 14 years old schoolkid, well trained by Ian Rider (his uncle) - (Karate, diving, driving cars, knowledge about electronical and technical stuff), at the beginning of the story just a random kid
Ian Rider: A spy who worked for MI6, Alex’s uncle and his adoptive father, he got killed by Yassen Gregorovich
Alan Blunt: The head of the MI6 organisation. He is always looking expressionless.
Tulip Jones: A middle-aged woman with black hair, chewing continuously peppermint gums. She is one of Blunt’s colleagues.
Herold Sayle: He is an orphan from Cairo who has been adopted by an English couple. He produces the Stormbreaker computers. He is a rich, mad and has a horrible character. He wants to kill the prime minister and all schoolkids and teachers of England.
Yassen Gregorovich: A Russian contract killer and a mercenary soldier who is working for Sayle.
Nadia Vole: She is also working for Sayle and she is probably from Germany.
Mr. Grin: He is like the right hand man of Sayle. He was an artist in a circus long time ago. An accident left him without a tongue and two large scars which give him the appearance of constant smiling.

Give a brief story summary. Ian Rider died in a car crash and Alex thought that Ian got killed by someone because his car got hit by a lot of bullets. Alex nearly got killed by a car crusher. In Ian’s office, Alex found a file with a data called „Stormbreaker“. After he found out about his uncle’s double life someone knocked him out.
Alex met MI6 head Alan Blunt and his colleague, Tulip Jones. They revealed the truth about his uncle's job, and explained that they had sent Ian to investigate Herod Sayle who has developed a revolutionary new computer, the Stormbreaker. Sayle planned to give a free Stormbreaker to every secondary school in the United Kingdom. In his last communication, Ian had warned MI6 that the Stormbreakers could not be allowed to leave Sayle's manufacturing plant, but before he could explain, he was killed by Yassen Gregorovich on the return to London.
The MI6 put Alex through a SAS training camp for two weeks, before deploying him to Herod Sayle's base in Cornwall
Alex met Sayle and his right hand man - Mr. Grin for the first time.
While he was investigating the base at night, he saw several of Sayle's agents unloading metal cases with great care from
a nuclear submarine, with Yassen supervised.
Later on he investigated the mine and, was following the path left by his uncle, discovered a large computer manufacturing facility, where the Stormbreaker computers had been filled with a strange fluid. Alex got detected by one of Sayle’s agents and he brought him to his boss. When Sayle attended school, he was bullied because of his accent and skin color. The worst bully was none other than the future Prime Minister. As a result, Sayle planned to take revenge on the Prime Minister.
After some troubles with Mrs. Vole and some of Sayle’s agents, Alex managed to get on the plane which headed London.
When they were finally over London, Alex spotted two parachutes and used one to jump off the plane. Alex crashed through the roof of the Science Museum, where Sayle’s plan was about to happen, and dangled from his parachute which had gotten caught on a beam. Alex took his gun and fired at the Stormbreaker computer and Sayle himself had been hit by two more.
Later, after a debriefing by Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones, Alex entered a taxi. The driver was in fact Sayle who held Alex at gunpoint. He led Alex to the top of a building where he was about to shoot him, but he got shot by Yassen Gregorovich, who landed in a helicopter. After that Yassen flew away.

Describe your favourite part and discuss why you would/would not use this particular book in class.
I would use this book for the 7th or 8th grade because it is too hard to read for younger pupils also because there are a lot of new words for them. It is very exciting and captivating.

My favourite part of the book is when Alex is diving through the narrow tunnel without a diving gear.

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