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Statue of Liberty - Referat

Statue of Liberty

- Statue of Liberty is reached by Statue of Liberty Ferry, leaves every hour from Battery Park in lower Manhattan
- Statue of Liberty (SoL) greets a lot of immigrants and people coming back to home
- Important for immigrants: they hope for liberty and a good life in America, when they see the SoL
- Itís worldwide symbol of freedom

- lies on Liberty Island
- pedestreal: 46,5 m high
- pedestreal with statue: 93 m high
- gift from France, because they helped America in war of independence against England
- it was dedicatet on 28th October, 1886 , commemorating alliance of two nations during Americ. Revolution

Historical facts:

- Construction began in France in 1875 by Auguste Bartholdy
- final completion date of the individual sections
in June of 1884, and it stood in Paris until it was dismantled in early 1885 for
shipping to the US
- Engineering of structure`s assembly was done by Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel tower
- French ship Isere transported SoL
- For transport the Statue was reduced in 350 individual pieces and packed in 214 crates.
- Original title of SoL is "Liberty Enlightening the World"
- On October 28, 1886 President Grover Cleveland accepted The Statue on behalf of the United States
- Later UNESCO (UN-Organisation for education, science and cultivation declare her for a worldcultivationheir (Weltkulturerbe)

Other facts:

- (Like I said) SoL is reached by SoL Ferry
- The torch has been rebuilt and is now open to the public
- Visitors can be carried by evelator for first ten stories, the last 12 stories must be climbed by stairs
- On the base of Statue are 2 museums located
- Statue opens daily 9:30am-5pm

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