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Statisticy Analysis - Gun control - Referat

The statistics by YouGov (Graphic by Tribune News Service) is about various topics on gun control in America.
The first bar chart represents the amounts of people who think it is Appropriate or inappropriate to discuss stricter gun laws in the wake of mass shootings with people who have different perspectives on gun control.
The first group is among people favoring stricter gun laws. 84 percent of the people asked feel like it is appropriate to discuss the topic of more gun control with these people. The second one represents how appropriate it is to speak about this topic among people who do not want gun laws to change. In this chart it can be seen that over half of the people (61 percent) feel like it is inappropriate. Talking about stricter gun laws with people who favor less gun control is seen as inappropriate by the majority of people.
The first part of the statistics illustrates in what kind of (political) surrounding it seems okay in to talk about stricter gun control. You can see that people feel more comfortable to discuss about stricter gun control in the wake of mass shootings with who share this point of view than people favoring looser gun laws. That leads the people who oppose the ideas of limiting gun control to live in a surrounding where none of these topics are discussed and to have a one-sided opinion on it.
The pie chart in the upper right corner depicts answers to the question “Do you think mass shootings are something that can be stopped or just a fact of live?”. Half of the people questioned answered that they can be stopped, one third (35 percent) say it is just a fact of life and 17 percent are not sure what to think.
The pie chart shows the answer and feelings of society to two topics: softening/ hardening schools and gun control. Half of the population think mass shootings can be prevented so they also may think that there is something that can do that which is gun control or a change in the school area. Hardening schools are measures like security checks, armed teachers or campaigns like “Stop the bleed” that aim to decrease the victims of a potential shooting or prevent it (when it is already to late and the choice of the shooter to take a gun and come to school with it was made). Softening schools are measures to prevent the thought of shooting your classmates and teachers like building relationships with students.
The last bar chart represents the percentages of people who think gun laws should be stricter divided by political party.
The majority of the Democrats wants to make gun laws stricter while half of the Republicans vouch for no change.
27 percent of them want to increase gun control and 19 percent want to loosen it. The Independent people are in between the figures of the two parties. The Total percentages show that half of the people participation in the survey want more gun control, on third wishes the laws to stay the same and thirteen percent want less gun control.
In this statistic you can see that your opinion towards the topic of gun controls differ from which party you are sympathizing with. In general, the tendency is rather towards more gun control or letting it as it is today. To be honest, you must say that not changing the existing legislation will keep up the laxity of America’s gun laws.
When you relate the given statistics to one another you can see that gun control is a topic that splits America. Republican voters mainly want it to remain as it is today or to loosen it, these are the people with who is felt inappropriate to discuss stricter gun laws in the wake of mass shootings with. Democratic voters want more gun control and also feel like it is an appropriate topic to talk about. Half of all people questioned think shootings could be prevented, which probably would be by more gun control.
To sum it up, gun control is a controversial topic that needs to be discussed but some people are opposed to the idea of “limiting the own freedom” by more gun control. In the end there is always the question: what limits your personal freedom more, background checks when buying a gun or al life that has been ended by a shooting?

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