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Statistics Analysis- The cultural Impact of Immigrants by Age - Referat

The bar chart with the title “The cultural Impact of Immigrants by Age” published by “PRRI 2015 American Values Atlas” shows how American citizens think immigrants influence American society.

The y-axis represents the percentages while the x-axis sorts the answers in five groups: All Americans, ages 18-29, 30-49, 50-64, 65+. The possible ways to finish the sentence “The growing number of immigrants…” were “Threatens traditional American customs and values”, “Strengthens American society” or that they do not have an opinion or do not know.

Surprisingly, half of the questioned Americans think that immigrants strengthen American society. About 16 percent do not know how to evaluate their impact on society while about a third think they threaten custom and values. When the results of the poll are divided into the various age groups you can see that the younger people are more positive towards immigration while older people see more of the negative impacts of immigration. In the category “All Americans” about one third of the people are negative towards immigrants. With a percentage of about 20 percent the younger generation is the least suspicious towards immigration. When the oldest generation is regarded, you can see that nearly half of them reject immigration and think the impact they have on American society is threatening customs and values. The number of people without an opinion remains fairly constant throughout the ages.

The numbers support the assumption that older people are more conservative and fundamental when it comes to their culture. They use immigrants as a group of people they can blame problems like job losses, not enough apartments and other things that limit their freedom on. In addition to that many elderly people (65+) do not have much contact to immigrants, so it is rather hard to convince them of the positive effects they have. Younger people have a more dynamic feel of identity, a more liberal political con and see people
with a foreign origin as their friends. By contact with immigrants they develop an open mindset towards people from other countries.

If you link the graph to the American history it is very miserable that many citizens forget that their ancestors were immigrants themselves and that American culture is formed out of many cultures. In addition to that older people tend to blame the youngest generation for not being informed or political apathy. Contrary to their beliefs more of the young people know how American history and immigration formed the American identity. This is why I think it is sad that only half of all Americans think the growing number of newcomers from other countries strengthens American society. This tendency might be found in many other countries and elections as well.

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