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Statemnet Human Cloning - Referat

Dolly, the sheep was born on 5th of July 1996 after Scottish scientists successfully cloned a mammal for the first time. The press called her birth a ‘’incredible scientific breakthrough’’ (Bonser/Conger) that would change the world. And it did, in the years since Dolly’s birth was announced in 1997, man succeeded in cloning goats, pigs, mice and even cows.
But the big question since this day nearly 20 years ago, is, will there be attempts to clone our own species? And the answer is yes, at the beginning of this century, in 2001, a small group of scientists, including a former University of Kentucky professor and a Italian researcher, announced that they planned to clone a human in two years (Stolberg). They didn’t publish any results yet.
My personal opinion on this issue is, that I don’t think scientists should try to clone a human. For me it simply feels wrong. I know there are a lot of arguments on the positive side, organs could be grown and transplanted into persons, whose lifes are in danger and you could bring the dead back to life.
For me the ethical reasons are too strong to convince me of the other side. Cloning people would be like playing god. The chances to succeed are very low, the success rate sais, that only one or two out of every 100 embryos would actually be born (Bonser/Conger), and even than you don’t know which problems can show up after the birth. In most cases the baby could have a malfunctioning immune system, so it would not survive any kind of illness at all, or it would be born with some other kind of disability.
I think nature goes its own way and we as its inhabitants should not try to interrupt its natural flow. It’s all been regulated for Billions of years, life, dead, that’s just how it goes. If we try to do anything else, if anybody attempts to change this, who knows what could happen.

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