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Sporty guests in Summer - Referat

Summer Sports in Vorarlberg

1.General information about Vorarlberg
2.What Vorarlberg has to offer for athletes in summer
3.The target group
4.A sample itinerary for sporty tourists in summer

General information
about Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is the most western part of Austria. It borders Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
The capital city of Vorarlberg is Bregenz. Bregenz has about 27,000 inhabitants, while Vorarlberg has about 390,000 people who live there. Vorarlberg has an area about 2,534 km and is divided into 4 districts. Vorarlberg has 96 municipalities, five of them are towns.
In the northwest of Vorarlberg there is the Lake of Constance. Itís a big lake with really clean water. The water in the lake has the same quality as drinking water. So itís a good place for water sports like water skiing, wind surfing or scuba diving. In the south of Vorarlberg there are a lot of mountains. These mountains are part of the Alps. They are famous for hiking. Vorarlberg is also famous for the good food and the really friendly people.

What Vorarlberg has
to offer for sporty guest

In Vorarlberg there are a lot of different types of accommodation. Sporty guests should stay in Bregenz since this town offers a great selection of hotels. Itís also right at the lake. If you want to go to the mountains in the south you can reach them easily. It takes less than one hour from the lake to the big mountains. Vorarlberg features a great public transport system. All sights can be reached easily by bus, train or by ship.

The target group

Our target group comprises people from countries like Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.
In the last few years a lot of people from Great Britain have visited Austria. Visitors from Great Britain like Vorarlbergís mountains and the great Lake of Constance. Itís a beautiful place to go with oneís family. Vorarlberg is the perfect location for being active in the mountains and doing water sports. Itís not very expensive either. A lot of people are coming to Vorarlberg to enjoy an active holiday.

A sample itinerary for sporty guests to Vorarlberg

A weekís programme for people who enjoy the nature
At the Hotel Chesa Rosa the guests will have a lot of fun. The hotel is not very expensive and is convenient for a lot of sports e.g. hiking, tennis, golf, motorcycling, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding and many more. The hotel is located in Lech. The guest will be picked up from the train station and are welcomed
with a free drink. We have created the following programme for a five-day visit in Lech.

Monday: After breakfast they would start a hiking tour to enjoy the great view of the mountain area around Lech. Then they could play golf and after that go paragliding.

Tuesday: From 8 to 9 oíclock they get a yoga lesson and then go mountain biking. After the long tour they can relax in the sauna.

Wednesday: After an aqua gym session and a hour of work out in the fitness centre they would start a bike ride with archery and climbing. Then at about 4 oíclock they would return to the hotel and relax in the spa area.
Thursday: In the morning they have another work-out session in the fitness centre and then go hiking. After a good lunch they return to the hotel and play tennis at the hotelís own tennis court.

Friday: After breakfast the guests take part in a guided tour to one of the beautiful mountains surrounding Lech. On their way back they jump into a wonderful lake, swim for a while and then enjoy a cosy evening in a traditional mountain hut.

Saturday: On Saturday morning our sporty guests have another workout session in the hotelís fitness centre. Then they embark on a guided climbing tour. After their return they relax in the spa area of the hotel.

This is our offer and programme for you. Of course it can be adapted to each visitorís individual interests. There are lots of other sports that can be done or played, such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, golf, swimming, and many other sports. Just get in touch.

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