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Spiders - Referat

I'd like to tell you something about spiders. It gives currently about 80 000 spider species at the world. We can find the most spiders in the tropics and subtropics. In Central Europe it gives 850 species.

The biggest...!
The biggest is the giant tarantula from south America. It is with outstretched legs 28 centimetres. This catches other spiders, birds and mice. All spiders have a toxic bite. But only about 30 species have catch teeth which are strong and are toxic enough to damage people.

The deadliest spiders are the black widows, the Australian funnel spiders and the Brazilian hunting spiders.

In Germany gives three species these can damage the people a little bit. This are:

Water spiders: lives only in stretch of water and get into contact only seldom with the person.

garden spiders: this is generally too small so that bites cannot penetrate by normal skin, only at places of thin skin a bite is possible.

Thorn-Finger: this most toxic one of the spiders is rare and lives only in some regions in Germany.

Fastest spider:
The fastest spider of the world can run in ten second of 330- times so far, as it is long. Humans can run in this time only 50- times so far, as he is large.
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