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Spanish Heritage - Referat

Spanish Heritage

1. History:

- 1492 Christopher Columbus reaches the Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola in search of a new way to India
- 1549-65 The Spanish introduce cattle, sheep and swine to North America
- 1565 Spaniards found Saint Augustine (oldest city in the US.)
- 16th century Spanish colonists explore what we today call the southern US.
- 1821 Spain comes independent first from Mexico and then from the South Western states
- End of the 19th century Spain loses its influence as a colonial power
- In 1823 Mexico wins independence from Spain
- 1836 War of Independence for Texas
- 1898 Spanish-American War (Spain lost its colonies)
- Spaniards were first Europeans on the American continent
- They wanted to own the natural resources of America
- The region became more and more influenced by Spanish religion, languages and architecture

2. The Hispanics of New Mexico:

- In the 17th century Spanish soldiers/colonists come to New Mexico and marry women who belong to the native Indians

4. Situation/problems today:

- Hispanics have social problems in America
- Spaniards always wanted the Indians in their colonies to become Catholics
- Spainís culture couldnít be banned from American history
- Spanish religion and language today is an important part of the region that once has been a part of Spanish colonies

5. General Informationís:

- 500 Million people worldwide speak Spanish
- in the United Stats: 39 million
- in Mexico : 98 million
- Population in Spain ~ 40 million

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