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Sonnenallee - Referat


- film was shoot 1999 in East-Berlin in the street "Sonnenallee" next to the frontier between East
and West
- actors: Micha Ehrenreich - Alexander Scheer
Miriam Sommer - Teresa Weißbach
Mario - Alexander Beyer
Wuschel - Robert Stadlober
Mrs Ehrenreich - Katharina Thalbach
Mr Ehrenreich - Henry Hübchen
Policeman - Detlev Buck
Uncle Heinz - Ignaz Kirchner
Sabine Ehrenreich - Annika Kuhl
-direction: Leander Haußmann
-producer: Claus Boje, Detlev Buck
-plot: - plays in Eastgermany in the 1960s or 1970s
- at the beginning > Micha is sitting in his room and copies a forbidden song from the west
- he tells something about his land and himself
- he meets friends and they listen to the forbidden song > a policeman comes and takes the
tape away; then Miriam comes out of her house and Micha says, that he loves her
- later, when Micha comes home his uncle Heinz is there because he had smuggled things from
the West into the East
- next day Micha is in his school and he is asked, if he wants to go to the "Nationale
Volksarmee" > he says yes, but he doesn't want this
- then there is a disco and there Micha aks Miriam, if she wants to dance, but she ignores him
- on the next "FDJ-Wahlen" Miriam and Micha have to do a selfcritical talk (Miriam because
she has a boyfriend from the West and Micha because they played a trick at school and he
volunteered as guilty)
- later Micha and his friends meet a "Recorddealer" > Wuschel wants the new Roling Stones
album, but he hasn't got enough money
- Mario has in between met a girl (Sabrina) and they are a pair
- at home Mr Ehrenreich and Uncle Heinz had organized a telephone > it rings, because
Miriam wants to call Micha > they are all very excited, because it's something new
- Micha is on the way to Miriam and there the policeman arrests Micha
- on the next day Mario and Sabrina invite all their friends to a party at Mario's
- at the party Sabrina is mixing a "drugcocktail" and nearly everybody trinks it
- when Mario and Micha are high they pee from the balcony; when Miriam arrives Micha are
so high that she goes and he promised her all his diaries
- on the next day Micha and Mario are ordered to school because somebody from the West
has took a picture of their "balcony-act" and this picture is in the newspaper > Mario flies
from school and Micha has used his bonus up
- Micha starts to write the promised diaries since the first class
- Mrs Ehrenreich has found a passport of somebody from the West > she makes up herself,
that she looks like the lady on the picture > then she wants to pass the frontier, but she goes
- meanwhile Wuschel has his Stones record, but there is a break down of the current in the
whole Sonnenallee > the policeman shot and he hits Wuschel > everybody runs outside even
Micha > Wuschel is alive, but his record is broken
- on the next day Micha refused the service at the weapon > there he meets Mario who has
volunteered, because Sabrina his girlfriend is pregnant > they argue and they fight
- as Micha comes home > Uncle Heinz is dead, because he had lungcancer
- Mrs Ehrenreich can go legal to the West, because of Heinz' funeral > she brings his ash in
a coffee tin at home
- Micha had written his diaries all the time and he is ready > he brings them to Miriam > then
they kiss and love each other
- later Micha and Wuschel are in Micha's room > Wuschel has a new record, because of a
fortune coincidence > they listen to it > Wuschel is disappointed, because he thinks, that this
are not the Stones > Micha convinces him, that this is the greatest song, they ever made
- they play "airguitar" and jump through the flat > they go onto the balcony and a huge crowd
of people stand at the frontier > they dance with them > Wuschel and Micha jump from the
balcony and dance away

- quotation of Micha: "Once there was a land and I have lived there. If somebody asks me,
how it was - it was the best time in my life, because I were young and
in love!"

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