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Soccer - Referat

1. my life as a soccer player
2. my favorite club
3. my favorite player
4. top 5 soccer leagues

1. My life as a soccer player

I started to play football when I was 5 years old. I went to the training session with my best friend and my mother. It was a the local club of my hometown schmiden, tsv schmiden. I liked the training session and i decided to start to play football. My father always wanted me to play Handball but all my friends were playing football so i started to play football in a club.I was really happy about my first own football shoes. It was great fun to play football with all my friends. One day a trainer of my club asked me to visit a tryout training session at the professional football club vfb stuttgart. I went there and showed my skills to the trainers. They liked me and my way to play football so they asked me if i want to play for stuttgart. I accept the offer and went to vfb stuttgart when i was ten years old. At this time i was very small and not very heavy so they told me after one year that i have to leave the club after the season. After one season at Vfb Stuttgart i went back to Tsv Schmiden. After another three years i went to fsv waiblingen because of the better chances to get a professional football player. I played there for a half season and transfered to the youth academy of sgv freiberg. This time was one of my worst time as a football player because i had no chance to improve my coach because he did not like me that much. I also got injured in that time so it was really hard for me to get better. After a hard time in freiberg i dreamed big about better and bigger clubs in germany so i went to tryouts in freiburg wolfsburg and munich. I also had the opportunity to join the under 17 team at tsg backnang which played at the second highest youth legaue in germany. I played for Backnang two years long. I had a great time there because we played very succesful and I have met many new friends there. In the year 2012 i joined SG Sonnenhof Großaspach. Now I am seventeen years old and I am still playing football. I love it and I am sure that I could not live without playing football. I hope that i stay healthy and that I can continue to play football.

2. My favorite football club

I have two favorite football clubs. One international and national one in Germany. The international one is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is a spanish football club and one of the most popular football clubs in europe. They are also the most successful one. They won the UEFA Champions Legaue 9 times, the spanish Championship 32 times and the spanish cup 18 times. The club was founded in 1902 as Madrid FC. The colours of the club are white and violet. They are playing in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. About 80.000 people can watch a game there. The current club manager is Florentino Perez and the coach is Carlo Ancelotti. The player with the most scored goals is Raul. He is also the player with the most matches. Raul played 18 years for the professional team of Real Madrid. He scored 228 goals in 550 matches for the first team. Ìn the year 2010 his contract get canceled and he went to the german club FC Schalke 04. There are a lot of other famous football players who played for Real Madrid. For example Guti, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo or David Beckham. Real Madrid got many nicknames. For example the Madridistas or the Galacticos. My favorite one in Germany is VFB Stuttgart. I played for the youth academy for one year and I went to the games of the team since I was a little child. I watched my first Bundesliga match when i was five years old. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The VFB Stuttgart was founded in 1893. The president of the club is Bernd Wahler. With 45.000 club members it's the greatest football club in Baden-Württemberg. They won the Bundesliga five times. The last one was in 2006. Thomas Schneider is the current coach. He was the boss of the youth academy
when I played there. One of my friends is for the professional team. Timo Werner played with me in the under 13 team.

3. My favorite player

My favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays for Real Madrid as a striker or as a right winger. In the year 2008 he won the price for the football player in europe and of the world. In the same year he also won the Champions Legaue title with Manchester United. He was born on 5. February in 1985. He started to play football at the youth academy of Sporting Lissabon. After two years in the professional team of Sporting, the scouts of Manchester United saw him and were interested. So he got transfered to Manchester United where he played 6 years. His time there was very successful. He won the Champions Legaue, the Premier Legaue title and the FA cup. In the year 2009 Real Madrid bought him for the record sum of 94 million euro. His time in Madrid is not really successful. He won the spanish championship, the cup and the supercup. With the national team he has not won any titles.

4. The top 4 leagues

The four best soccer leagues in the world are the spanish one, the italian one, the german one, and the english one. My favorite league is the english one. There are so much good teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and so on. The other ones are also very good leagues. The spanish league is called Primera Division. There are two dominating teams: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. These two teams are the best football teams in the world. In Germany are also very good teams but the league is not comparable with the spanish one or the english Barclays Premier League. The german legaue is called Bundesliga. Another good legaue is the italian Serie A. There are also much very good teams and players. For example AS Rome, Inter Milano, Ac Milano and Juventus Turin. Some years ago, the Serie A was the best league all around the world. The italian football was the best football in europe. It was so much tactical work in it. In the 1990s Juventus Turin was the best team in Europe. They had so much good players like Zidane, Henry, Nedved, Buffon and so on. Today the italian league is not as good as before. In my opinion the german football is the best in the world because it is interesting to watch. Every game is exciting. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are playing so good offensive football. I also like the spanish league but it is not so exciting because there are just two good teams in the whole league. Every year the title goes to FC Barcelona or to Real Madrid. I don't like the english football. I hate to watch the matches because it's just boring. The english league is although the best one in the world but just because of the good teams in there. The other teams are just not good and not interesting to watch. The best german teams are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Bayern 04 Leverkusen. My favorite football club in Germany is VFB Stuttgart. It's the next big club near to my hometown so I can visit the games of them. I love to watch games live in stadiums.



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