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Smoking - Referat

• Smoking is bad because young people start smoking very early.

• That’s not only very bad for their health but also for the society.

• The problem is that more than 72% of the teenagers smoke one time in their life.

• In fact more than 26% of the girls and more than 36% of the boys are smoking.

• More than 12 000 people in Austria die throw smoking.

• You can get … yellow teeth …cancer in the lung, heard and gullet … heard attack … your hands and those die it’s called RAUCHERBEIN

• The problem is that everybody has to pay tax money and if somebody get ill of smoking the government have to pay for these stupid people who smoke.

• The money is needed in other things for example children and schools.

• Why does everybody should pay tax money for the ill smokers?

• What about tourists? If they visit Vienna or other places and see the dirty streets full of cigarettes. Is this good for our tourism?

• Why do non smoker have to accept that somebody smoke next to him?

• What about children? Why do children suffer under smoke? They can’t do something against it.

• What about the environment? Is this good for our world?

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