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Every year 100 000 children worldwide, and every day 450 children become addicted to tobacco. 23% of all 15-years-olds are regular smoker, and many are already addicted to nicotine. As soon as the get up, they need to smoke a cigarette. 80% of smokers begin under the age of 20, but really astonishing is, the majority regret that they have ever started. Many teenager start smoking because they feel older and need it for having fun. But they forget that every five non-natural deaths in UK is caused by cigarettes. Children are more likely to smoke if both of their parents smoke. Most young smokers are influenced by their friends and older brothers and sisters. Surveys show that children tend to smoke the brands that are most advertised. Also advertising like sports sponsorship by tobacco companies and particularly the televising of sponsored events reinforces the smoking habit. For instance, boys whose favourite sports is motor racing are twice as likely to become regular smokers than those who are not interested in motor racing, because of heavy sponsorship of the sport. Many studies show that if cigarette prices were raised, youth consumption of tobacco plummeted by more that 50%. SO why cigarette prices can’t be raised permanently?
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