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Slipknot - Referat

• Introduction

• History of the Band

• Members of the Band

• Different public opinions about Slipknot

• Soundtracks of Movies

• Slipknot members performing in other bands


Slipknot is an American Nu-Metal band which comes from Des Moines, Iowa. Slipknot was founded in the year 1995 by Shawn Crahan (Percussion) and by Paul Gray (Bass). The members of the band always wear masks and unique overalls. The song texts are often very aggressive.

Band history:

The beginnings of Slipknot took place in the “Basement sessions” which were located in the base of ex-member Anders Colsefini. Many of the songs in their first demo album “Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.” were written in those “Basement Sessions”. The Album was recorded in the year 1996 and it was just limited to 1000 copies. This Album got a lot of attention by the big music labels but finally “Roadrunner Records” made the contract with Slipknot. As a result Slipknot published their first album which was called “Slipknot”. Although the death metal songs have hardly been broadcasted by radio and TV stations the album became a top seller.
Also because of their spectacular appearance the Band has got a fast growing number of fans.

The following album “IOWA” which came out in the year 2001 magnified the success of the band. The album got the third place in the “Billboard music Charts” (music magazine) and it reached the first place in the “UK Album Charts”. After they finished their gigs on the rock festival in 2002 they took a creative time out. In this break some of the members went to work on their solo projects.
The third album “Vol.3 (the subliminal verses)” came out in the year 2004. The album for the first time included slow songs as well as typical slipknot songs. Right now slipknot is taking another creative time out for the next two years.

Members of the Band and their positions:

• Vocals: Corey Taylor
• Electric Bass: Paul Gray
• Rhythm Guitar: James Root
• Lead Guitar: Mick Thompson
• Drummer: Joey Jordison
• Percussion#1: Chris Fehn
• Percussion#2: Shawn Crahan
• DJ: Sid Wilson
• Sampling Craig Jones

Different public opinions about Slipknot:

After the killing spree of Erfurt in the Year 2002, a British newspaper published an article about Slipknot. In this article was mentioned that the assassin Robert Steinhäuser was inspired to that act by a song from Slipknot. This song is called “School Wars”. In fact this song neither existed in the past nor it does exist today.

Soundtracks of Movies:

• 2000 Scream 3 (Wait and Bleed)
• 2002 Rollerball (I am Hated)
• 2002 Resident Emil (My Plage)
• 2003 Freddy vs. Jason (Snap)
• 2004 Resident Evil Apocalypse(Vermillion pt.1)
• 2006 Underworld Evolution (Vermillion pt. 2)

Slipknot Members performing in other Bands:

Stone Sour: Corey Taylor (Voice) James Root (Rhythm Guitar)
Murderdolls: Joey Jordison (Guitar)
Ministry: Joey Jordison (Drummer)
To My Surprise: Shawn Crahan (Drummer)
DJ Starscream: Sid Wilson (DJ)

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