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Slavery in America - 2.Version - Referat

Slavery in America

Einleitung: song: Buffalo Soldier (Bob Marley)
Bob Marley is singing about a Buffalo Soldier. Thatís a person who was born in Africa and brought to America. There he had to work as a slave. In the end the Buffalo Soldiers had to fight for their rights in the war between 1861 and 1865.
But where do we actually find the first slaves?
The first slaves were in Europe during the Middle Ages.
In America slavery started some years later. It was in about 1620. That was the time when slavery was just dying out in Europe.
European farmers went to America and had there many plantations. But they needed anybody to do the work on their plantations. They couldnít do the work by theirselves, because the clime in America was too hot. So they made native Indians and the Africans who where brought here do the work on the plantations. Those were black skinned persons. The white farmers thought that black people would be from lower peoples. So they could be used as slaves. And as white person you couldnít be a slave.
These slaves didnít have many rights:
Some were allowed to have an own property.
Others were allowed to have some free time and
almost everybody was allowed to have a supporting when he was getting older.
But the slaves were mistreated so much:
- women were raped
- men were laid in chains for punishment,
- hurt wilfully
- or branded
That was the reason why many of them died. Ė Because of the heavy work all day long and the punishment all the time.

In the end the slaves started to fight for their rights. In 1865 they won it. American people saw that slavery was against the human rights. So slavery was forbidden by government in the same year. The slaves got free, but their lives didnít get better, because they didnít have any home, work or anything to eat. So they stayed at their farms.

Furthermore there are also today some people in America who think that black skinned people would be from lower peoples. So racism stayed a problem in America for a long time up to today.

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