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Slavery - 2.Version - Referat

slave: a person who is sold/bought by a slave owner and has to work for him

The first Africans, mostly Negro Africans, were shipped from Africa to North America in the 17th century. Their duty was to work in the fields as slaves.

Why was slavery permitted by law?
White men could easily get land for themselves because the farmers werenīt allowed to force them to work. But the black population wasnīt protected by law, thatīs why they were taken for slaves.

Treatment of a slave:
- bad living conditions
- not allowed to have a family
- work very hard for 16 hours a day

Punishment of a slave:
- were beaten to death ( whip for being late)
- cutting off a body part ( for eavesdropping an ear could be cut off)
- being branded for running away

Slavery today:
also the abuse of children as child soldiers is regarded of human right organization as slavery.The present slave trade brought world-wide many women into a situation which is quite comparable with slavery.In Germany about 800000 women are forced for prostitution.

Slave songs:
- work songs ( they sang them at work)
- spirituals/ gospel music based on religious songs and bible texts
- the blues ( means bad mood), they sang about their sad life

Culture and religion:
They were not allowed to implement their religion or culture because the slave owner didnīt want to have them their own will.

Day of a slave:
The slaves had to get up by sunrise and go to work on he plantation.8-9 hours later they got a little bit to eat for the next 8-9 hours.In the dawn they were allowed to got "home".
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