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Six-form Highschool (Realschule) - Referat

Definition The six-form high school - until 1964 as middle school led - is general one screen end resuming school in the context of the arranged educational system. It covers the classes 5-10 and/or. 7-10 of the secondary school? and with the middle ripe one (material-graduation/specializedupperschoolripe) is locked. According to Federal Statistical Office existed in the school year 2005/2006 2,976 six-form high schools (0.9 % less than in the school year before) with 1.32 million pupils (?2 % in the comparison to the previous school year). To order for education and general organization after the measure gifts Hamburg agreements of the conference of Secretary of cultural affairs (KMK) of 1964 the instruction of the six-form high school aims at the switching of an extended basic formation. Entitled at the time of successful conclusion this to the admission of occupation-qualifying bildungsgaenge, to the entrance into the middle official career or to the attendance of higher Technical High Schools and/or of specialized technical or the gymnasialen upper stage. Accordingly instruction is practical, without doing however without science orientation. The topic of the occupation choice preparation takes a broad area, which is worked on due to its complexity not only in one, but in different subjects of instruction, partially fan-spreading. Starting from the 7. Class exists the possibility for the pupils of selecting in the context of so-called obligation to vote instruction between different technical profiles. Usually the profiles offer a scientific-technical or an economics and/or gesellschaftskundliche basic formation or make a learning to a second foreign language possible. Which directions or options are offered, depends on the respective Land of the Federal Republic and if necessary also on the individual school. In order to carry for the demand after the comparability of conclusions calculation, some Lands of the Federal Republic require in the meantime obligating one at the education standards of the conference of Secretary of cultural affairs oriented written material graduation examination, however in some Lands of the Federal Republic at the end of the 10. Class of the High Schools is not expected. A third of the middle education conclusions is acquired in the professional training system. Here at present still no education standards are present. Country-specific emphasis Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria in Baden-Wuerttemberg visit approximately a third of the pupils the six-form high school of class 5 to 10. Approximately a third of the pupils visit in the connection a vocational High School and acquire so the Abitur. A characteristic of the six-form high school of Baden-Wuerttemberg are the fan groups EEC (geography, restaurant economics, community customer) and NWA (scientific working: Physics, biology, chemistry). Already at the end of the 6. Class must be selected between the subjects technology, humans and environment or French, which then starting from the 7. Class to be learned. At Bavarian six-form high schools the group of obligation to vote fans of 3 covers the foreign language emphasis French, and it can be supplemented, if appropriate instructors are present, in the musi-CH-ARRANGING, house-economical or within the social range. Lands of the Federal Republic with integrated educational system in many Lands of the Federal Republic exist to comprehensive schools. In the
cooperative form the three school forms High School are not to recognize six-form high school and hauptschule under the roof of the comprehensive school in the integrated form any more. In both kinds of comprehensive schools the middle education conclusion will assign. In the so-called community schools (introduced to Schleswig-Holstein) this conclusion is offered likewise. Lands of the Federal Republic also the six-form high school was not even established to part-integrated educational system in many Lands of the Federal Republic as independent school form either abolished or, as in the new Lands of the Federal Republic. They existed however further in form of an part-integrated bildungsganges, i.e., the Lands of the Federal Republic guarantee by their educational system that the middle education conclusion can be acquired. Brandenburg folded up 2005 all six-form high schools and comprehensive schools without gymnasialer upper stage to the high school. Bremen combined 2004 the main and six-form high schools into the secondary level school. In this 6 becomes up to. Class all pupils informs together. Starting from the 7. Class takes place then in the subjects mathematics and English a course-referred achievement differentiation, starting from the 8. Class also in the subject German. Starting from the 9. Class the pupils are classified under conclusion-referred profile classes (main and/or material school profile classes). In the Saarland the six-form high school with the hauptschule was folded up some years ago. The new school form is now the extended six-form high school, in which the pupils in the classes learn 5 and 6 together, starting from the 7. Class however into different branches to be then divided (main and material school branch). Similar ways went to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Rhineland-Palatinate with the mechanism of regional ones schools, Saxonia with the establishment of the middle school, Saxonia-Anhalt with the pool of the main and material education course into secondary level schools so mentioned as well as Thuringia with the introduction of the rule school.
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