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Sitting Bull and the Sioux - Referat

Sitting Bull and the Sioux

We would like to tell sometihng about the Sioux chieftain Sitting Bull and the battle of Little Bighorn.
Before we start we give you some informations about Sitting Bull: He lived from 1834 till 1890. He was one of the person who fought against the unfair indian policy of the USA. The most important fact about Sitting Bull is: he didn't want to live with the other indians in the reservation.
And now we give some informations about the Sioux: In the 17th century the Sioux lived in small groups in Minnesota. They had conflicts with the Ojibwa and then they had to move to the Grat Plains. In 1750 the population was explosion.
The true name of Sitting Bull was Tatanka Yotanka. Since 1867 the Sioux protested against the indian policy of the USA. On 25th and 26th june 1876 the Sioux won a fight against general Custer and his army. This fight is known as "Battle on the little Bighorn". It was in Montana. We found out that Sitting Bull was pursued by the US army, but he could flee to Canada.
In 1881 Sitting Bull came back and lived in a Sioux reservation.
It's interesting to know that he didn't fight any longer against the white men. He went with Buffalo Bills's Wild West Show on a trip across America for 8 years. 1889 he came back in his reservation. There was trouble with the Sioux and the white men.
On 15th december 1890 he was shooted in his reservation from the police of the USA. Sitting Bulls companions took revenge. The name of this battle was "Wounded Knee".

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