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Simpsons - Referat

today i want to tell you something about the simpsons. the simpsons is an american animated television sitcom created by matt goering. he is 55 years old and live in the usa. the simpsons are supposed to present a typical american family. the skin of the simpsons is yellow, someone means because matt had no other coller when he created the simpsons. the first drawings of the simpsons have looked so [bild], the secound drawings looked so [bild], and today they looked so[bild]. the typical simpsons as there are knowen everywehre. even the simpsons are going to celebrate their birthdays, they are not older. they always remain the same.
the family constist of homer the father of the family, he works as a safety inspector at the springfield nucklear power plant, he is very lazy and addicted to donuts and duffbeer - marge the mother of the family, shes a stereo typical american houswife and mother, and the 3 childrens bart a te-year-old troble maker, lis a precocious eight-year-old activist shes vegetarian and maggie, she can't speak, but comunicates by sucking on a pacifier. the family has two pets, a little dog named >satan's littl helper<, and a cat named >snowball 2<.
the show is set in the fictional city of springfiel in middle america, and lapoons american culture, television and many aspects of the human condition.
the simpsons has won dozens of awards like the emy award. 1999 time magazines named the simpsons the best television series in 20th centerry's, and on january in the year 2000 the simpsons was awarded a star on the hollywood walk of fame[bild vom stern(bilder geben pluspunkte)zeigen]. the simpsons is a very famous sitcom in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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