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Sights of Sydney - Referat

General information

Sydney is the city with the most inhabitants in Australia and it's the capital of the state New South Wales, at the eastcoast of Australia. It was found in 1788.

1. Sydney Opera House

The opera of Sydney is called as one of the most popular modern buildings of the 20th century. It's the landmark of Sydney. The opera house is 180 metres long and 67 metres high. The house needs much electric power. That would be enough for a city with 25.000 inhabitants. There are 645 kilometres cables in it.
In 2007 it was one of the 77 candidates you could choose from for the new 7 wonders of the world but it didn't win, so it didn't become one of the new wonders of the world.
The architect was Jørn Utzon from Denmark. But he was terminated before the house was finished because it was more expensive and took much more time than he thought. The roof was built with more than 1 million white ceramic tiles which were specially imported from Sweden. The roof should look like the sails of a big ship coming into the harbour but actually the architect copied the form from orange peels.
Inside the opera house there are five big theatre halls with overall 5532 seats, where you can watch different things like culture, operas and theatres.
The biggest room is the “Concert Hall“. Mainly it's for choirs, symphonies and concerts but also for film shows and big events.
Another room is the “Opera Theatre“. Originally it was for symphonies but now it's an important room for the opera and the ballet.
The “Drama Theatre“ is for productions of drama, dance and presentations. All walls inside are black and the carpet is blue so it's called the most fascinating room inside the opera house.

Inside the “Playhouse“ there are dramatic performances, film screenings, presentations and conferences.
In the “Studio“ there are shown music performances, film screenings, cocktail parties, cabaret and different kinds of presentations.
Overall there are 100 rooms with 5 test studios, one cinema, 60 dressing rooms and many bars, restaurants and souvenirshops.

Once a year the ''Vivid Light Festival'' takes place in Sydney. It's an event where the Sydney Opera House is illuminated in different colours and light effects. Every year different artists have to create effects or shows which are projected onto the sails of the building. This year designers from Germany have created the show which was from 25th May to 11th June.
At the end of the show it looks like the opera house sinks into itself.
Now, the Vivid was ranked in the Top 10 global festivals by a famous newspaper in the UK.

2. Harbour Bridge

The Harbour Bridge in Sydney was opened on 19th March 1932. The bridge is 1149 metres long and 134 metres high. It's the world's largest steel-arch bridge. The bridge is the main connection between the north- and the southcoast over the harbour of Sydney. People who live there just call the bridge ''coat hanger''.
In 2007, on its 75th anniversairy, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was registered as a national monument in the Australian National Heritage List. This is a list where australian culture- and naturemonuments are registered.
In October a few years ago there was a huge picnic for the first time. Specially for this event turf was laid over the roadway and 6000 people were there. From now they want to organize this event every year.
Also an event which is celebrated at the bridge every year is the New Year's Eve. Millions of people watch this event on TV or go to the bridge. Because of the big rush you have to go there before noon if you want to have a good view of the firework. When a certain number of people are there, the security locks the place so it won't be overcrowded.

Since 1998 you can walk on the arch of the bridge. Everyday groups of many people visit this arch. You also can join in the “BridgeClimb“. A ticket costs between
148 $ and 298 $. For children it's cheaper. And it depends on if you go there at the weekend or during the week. It also makes a difference if you visit the bridge day or night. In the twilight it's most expensive.
The “BridgeClimb“ offers three different kinds of climbs.
The first one is the “Express Climb“. There the objective is climbing quickly and visit the bridge in only a little bit more than 2 hours. You have to cross some catwalks and stairs and so you'll reach the summit of the bridge and have a breathtaking view over Sydney.
At the end of the climb everybody gets a photo of himself and some other souvenirs.
The second one is the “Discovery Climb“. This tour takes 3 ½ hours. You can see the arch from its inside and touch its steel. The history of the bridge will be explained to you. Also at this climb you'll reach the summit.
The last one is called the “Bridge Climb“. It also takes 3 ½ hours and you have to go over catwalks and ladders to reach the summit at 134 metres over Sydney Harbour. From this viewpoint you can also see the Sydney Opera House.
All of these three tours you can do during the day, in the twilight or at night.

3. Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is an observation and communications tower and with its 305 metres the second tallest of these towers in the Southern Hemisphere. The opening of the tower was on 23rd September 1981. People in Australia call the tower “Centrepoint“, few people say “Sydney Tower“.
At the height of 251 metres there is a platform for visitors with two restaurants and a café nearby. Every year there are more than 800 000 people visiting the highest point in Sydney. The tickets cost 9-15 $. The platform is above the “Central Business District“ where are more than 100 shops. You can go there with three different elevators. And from this platform you can reach the skywalk which is 260 metres high. The “Skywalk Tour“ takes 45 minutes. If you're not at least 8 years old, an adult has to come with you. The tickets for the skywalk also incude the 4D- Cinema where you can watch a film about Sydney and its landmarks.

4. Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building is a victorian building in the center of Sydney. It's 190 metres long. The plot of land was originally the market place. At this place, in 1898, the monument for Queen Victoria was built. Inside the building there was a great concert hall and different kinds of little shops like cafés, cutters or hairdressers.
Over the years the purpose of the rooms have changed, so the concert hall became a big library and many of the shops became offices.
In 1959 the building was nearly demolished because it was very destroyed but then it was restored and now there are many different shops and boutiques.

5. Other Sights

In Sydney, there are many other sights as well, for example the Bondi Beach, the most famous bathing beach in Sydney or the Chinatown, where nearly 300.000 chinese people live.



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