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Sights of New York - Referat

Sights of New York

New York has many sights, 500 galerys, about 150 museums, more than 100 theaters, many department stores and more than 17000 restaurantes. The most sights are at Manhatten for example the Fifth Avenue. It is one of the famousest streets of the world. The Figth Avenue is a symbole for the rich New York. There are a lot ofsights for example the Empire State Building, St. Patrick´s Cathedral, York Public Library and so on…. Also there are many famouse shops for fashion and cosmetic for exemple Lacost, Armani, Versace and so on….

The Empire State Building is on of the famousest sights in New York. It is 433 meters high and is on of the highest buildings in the world. It has 102 sticks (stöke). You can come with on of 70 elevators or by foot 1800 steps (stufen) to the observation platform (aussichtsplatform). Every year came about 3 milion tourists to these buildin. When you appear you can see 100 kilometers far.

The Brookly Bridge is the link from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Hundrets of athletes (sportler) are going every day over it, but also walkers (spaziegänge) cars, busses and motorbiks. It is 1091 meters long. John Roebling had´the idea to build that brige. 1869 they begun to build it and end 1882.

The highest building in New York were the world Trade Centers. The Noeth Tower was 417 meter high and the south tower was 415 meters high. But at the 11.September.2004 they were destroyed by a terrorist attack (terroranschlag). Two plains flew betweeen the 78. and zhe 84. stick in the towers then they fell down. 2.819 people died. Now there is the Ground Zero.

The Statue of Liberty, Miss Liberty or Lady Liberty is 46,5 meters high. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi outlined (entwurf) it. It stands in Bedloe´s Island.

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