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Should Great Britain leave the European Union? - Referat

After Britainís last day in the European Union the 31st January in 2020 the discussion whether Great Britain should leave is ongoing. There are many reasons for Britain and the other member states to favor Brexit or cancel it. If it is necessary or not for the British to leave the European Union will be discussed in the following article.

First of all, Britain has never really been a part of the European Union. This can be seen at the national identity that is more British than European. The citizens do not really identify with Europe and want to be independent and free. Moreover, the currency is not the Euro like in the majority of the other member states which acts like an invisible barrier. This barrier can also be found in the sea border which separates the United Kingdom from the rest of the European Union. This separation will simplify Brexit because only some people will have to change their thinking.

A big help for the decision of the British to join the European Union in 1973 were economic reasons. Those are in the opinion of the people no longer given. Unfortunately, the membership of the EU acts more like a drain for the British economy. They have to pay a lot of tax money for EU-funds but receive less so it does not pay off. Additional to that this money is spent wastefully so not only the British have a disadvantage but it does not pay off for any country. For example, in the Common Agriculture Policy in 2006 a lot of money was spent for an industry that only employs 5 percent of the EU citizens and generates only 1.6% of the GDP.

The referendum and the Brexit discussion split the country and leaving the EU will finally end this discussion. In addition to all the economic and social factors Britain is a democracy and the majority of the people decided to leave, so their choice should be respected. Why should people be kept in an old pact with values and responsibilities that they do not believe in?

Sometimes people do not know what is best for them. The majority of voters are old people who do not profit of EU programs and who will never experience the consequences that follow their actions. This is why Great Britain should stay in the European Union. Moreover, the European Union guarantees Peace in all of Europe which can be destroyed by the Brexit. The British leaving the European Union can lead other countries (especially other rich ones) to follow their idol and tear the European Union apart.

The argument that the British have more freedom without the European Union is not completely true. Citizens can travel to other European countries, work or travel without border controls or pre-ordering a
visa. Also, the government has a word to say in European policy. The members of the European Parliament can debate with delegates of other states how policy is made in favor of their own country. This way they have more political power on the EU from the inside.

Economically speaking, the free trade zone was a big boost for the British economy. This conquers the argument that payments to the EU are a drain for the Economy. The money that is raised more can be payed for European Programs and nothing gets lost. Additional to that a big allegiance of countries has more influence on other global players like China or the USA. Great Britain alone may get lost in the fight for the best deal. This is also not wat they want to achieve. The loss of the British Empire lead to the thought of freedom and autonomy, which can lead into the opposite direction than they wanted which lets Great Britain become to a not important, poor, small country.

In conclusion I think it is important to know how the European Union is understood by the people, is it an economic community or a community of values? No matter how anybody answers this question to him/herself I think it is important to remember that the European Union has brought peace to us and this peace lasted for over 70 Years. In addition to that the European Union offers freedom, safety and many programs for the citizens which the British will not have any more if they finish the Brexit. In the End I think that we will see what the consequences of the Brexit are but probably Great Britain will suffer more than the other member states.

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