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Shortstory India - Referat

The one that changed everything

It was 7pm and Ramschid went out of his residence to walk the dog. Everybody ignored him on the strees because of his high status as a Brahmins. He always hated the caste system because he felt so lonely in India.Almost everybody stood below him and so it was difficult to make up some friends. But suddendly a young woman bumped into him and they both fell on the ground. Immediately she excused herself but she hadn´t recognizedthat she could be in big trouble because she touched a godlike man. She hadn´t had any rights because she was a member of one of the lowest castes in india, the Shudras. Ramschid said that he was sorry and that he wanted to invite her for dinner if she wanted. She was completely surprised because a rich and well-dressed man wanted to have dinner with a dirty and poor woman like her. She didn´t recognized how Ramschid looked at her. He fell voilently in love with Taischa, thats how the young woman was called. They stood up and went into a really expensive restaurant but Ramschid forgot about the castesystem. When they entered everybody stopped talking and stared at both of them. Everybody was totally shocked because it was a restaurant for high caste members and after a couple of seconds the first men started to grumble. Ramshid has always been clumsy and forgetfully and so they ran out of the restaurant. When he started to excuse himself Taischa interrupted him by loughing and said him that his clumsiness was quite cute. Suddendly the owner of the restaurant came out of his saloon and gave Ramschid two take-away boxes of food. Ramschid knew him from University and gave him a hug and smiled at him without saying anything. Afterwords they went to Ramschids favorite spot to chill and to forget about everything. It was a hidden bay half an hour from the villige. Nobody lived there so he´d always been alone at this place but now there was Taischa too. It was a very romantik night and they ate the food they´d got from the restaurant. After they had finished they just said at the beach and talked. Ramschied startet to realize
thats she´s the one. Once they both looked into the clear sky and Ramschid said "do you see that star over there? The one thats bigger than the others and shines red? I want to present that one to you. Now its yours and I hope that you´ll always remember mewhen you look into the sky".
Taischa just smiled an gave him a kiss on his cheek.
At about 3am he brang her home and went to his residence. Suddendly he notived that he lost Nero, his dog, but he didn´t really care because of Taischa. When he layed in his bed he was only able to think about her and suddendly everything was clear in his mind. The next day he would go to the meeting point to see Taischa again but this would be his las action as a Brahmin. The next day he would flew from India together with Taischa. He would take a lot of money with him to built up a new life in germany. Freiburg has always been the town he dreamed of living in.

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